Shopify Rebellion vs nouns Preview and Predictions: DPC NA2023 Tour 3: Division I

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Shopify Rebellion vs nouns Preview and Predictions: DPC NA2023 Tour 3: Division I

The Shopify Rebellion vs nouns will be the last big challenge for Moo before the Bali Major 2023.

Usually, the North American DPC is not that interesting to watch, but Tour 3 is different because of the events prior to the Shopify Rebellion vs nouns clash. These two teams are yet to lose a single series and will be the two names that will qualify for the Bali Major. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see which one will finish without losing a single match, so make sure to follow the event on ESTNN’s recommended websites for iGaming.

Shopify Rebellion vs nouns Preview

This is a battle between the best in North America because SR and nouns are yet to lose a single series. With that said, Abed’s team is in an even better position because the squad hasn’t dropped a single game. Both teams will probably attend the Major because they’ve defeated TSM, meaning that it will be hard for any of the rest to overcome them.

Shopify Rebellion 

After the easy victory against TSM, SR hasn’t had any problems against the other teams. Nouns is the only squad in the North American DPC that can potentially defeat Abed’s squad, so it will be interesting to see what will happen.


Speaking of the devil, nouns needed to wait until Tour 3 to qualify for one of the biggest DPC events of the year. The team wasn’t able to do that during Tours 1 and 2, but now, it has the chance to attend the Bali Major 2023. Nouns had no problems against TSM and won every other match, but it’s time for the nouns vs Shopify Rebellion, which will be the ultimate challenge.

Shopify Rebellion vs nouns – Predictions

Abed Azel “Abed” Yusop behind the screen during a series with Evil Geniuses

Even though both teams here have equal chances of winning, we think that SR will be the winner. Arteezy and his crew are in a league of their own in North America, so it shouldn’t be surprising the team has almost no competition.

There will be a game 3

Even though we don’t know what will happen, we think that the Shopify Rebellion vs nouns clash will give us access to a Game 3.

How many towers will be destroyed?

Depending on the draft, we may see more than 15 towers in total in this match. It is not advisable to be on the exact number of towers because predicting this market is easier said than done. 

Will we see a Ramapage?

Abed and Arteezy are two of the professional Dota 2 players that have the most rampages in the professional scene. Consequently, we think that we might see a Rampage in the Shopify Rebellion vs nouns series. 

Shopify Rebellion vs nouns – How and Where to watch it

You can watch this epic North American Dota 2 series in real-time on June 2 at 04:00 EEST. It will be available on Twitch and YouTube, but all of the gambling sites with the live streaming feature will allow you to watch and bet on it.

Shopify Rebellion vs nouns Preview and Predictions: DPC NA2023 Tour 3: Division I
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