Shopify Rebellion exits Bali Majors, unable to tame the feral tides of beastcoast

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Shopify Rebellion exits Bali Majors, unable to tame the feral tides of beastcoast

After a power-packed BO3 series, Shopify Rebellion’s star squad gets knocked out of Bali Majors by beastcoast 

In a game that favored the all-star new squad Shopify Rebellion, they fell short against the Peruvian giants and their star carry JimPark. Throughout the series, his contribution to carrying beastcoast forward in the lower brackets is undeniable. Although the Canadian’s Fly, SabeRLight and Abed played solid games, Arteezy’s performance seemingly fell short other than on game two as Morphling. 

Shopify Rebellion exits Bali Majors, unable to tame the feral tides of beastcoast

Shopify Rebellion’s Dota 2 team started their Dota 2 run this December 9, 2022, with a star line-up of Arteezy, Abed, SabeRLight, Cr1t and Fly. With BulLba on as coach, they have already secured 6 top-5 finishes in 8 major tournaments they’ve played together. 

Game 1 looked good for Shopify Rebellion, with a draft that seemed to favor them. The game started with the Canadians leading in kills following a few bad teamfights by Beastcoast. After an overextended teamfight by Arteezy’s Razor with a fresh Aegis, things started to fall apart for the star squad. As the game arrived into the mid-game phase, physical damage seemed to fall off for Razor and Saberlight’s Broodmother, and JimPark’s Sven and Darkmago’s Leshrac started to pick up on their networths with a few back-to-back teamwipes by beastCoast. Soon, JimPark led his Peruvian brothers midlane, and with his Warcry, their armor was too tough to nibble away, so “GG”s were called to secure Shopify’s victory.

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Game 2 favored Team Shopify Rebellion from the start, with the drafts being all comfort Heroes for the team. Arteezy’s Morphling looked wobbly initially, but with some space from Fly’s Enchantress and X’s Beastmaster, Abed’s Ember started to roam and get some needed kills. JimParker’s Alchemist also looked intimidating in the midgame with risky blink-in stuns, which made Shopify Rebellion lose a few devastating teamfights. Throughout the game, it was impossible to determine which team was in the driving seat. Soon, Abed and Arteezy started to lead the fights with massive damage outputs, and beastcoast was at the ropes fighting to stay alive. Sadly, the Canadians stood as the clear victor once the dust cleared, forcing a game 3.

Game 3 brought nearly the same line-up for Shopify Rebellion and beastcoast, but the final pick of a safe-lane Shadow Fiend stood out as a surprise pick. JimParker’s SF looked strong even in the laning stage, while the two Canadian supports, Cr1t’s Mirana and Fly’s Enchantress, conducted game-changing ganks that made the game shift severely in Shopify Rebellion’s favor. But without proper Heroes to lock down and contest JimParker’s SF, mid-game to late-game looked terrible for the star team as the Peruvians made an aegis-infused final push. Despite buybacks from all three cores, Shopify finally conceded out of the BO3 series, hoping for better luck in The Internationals. Their journey at the Bali Majors was over. 

We look forward to Shopify Rebellion making a much-needed comeback to the limelight following this upset and believe that beastcoast’s much-deserved win will inspire them through their upcoming battles in the Bali Majors.