Sentinels Fans Can Invest in the Esports Company’s Shares

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Sentinels Fans Can Invest in the Esports Company’s Shares

Sentinels will allow fans to invest in the esports company through StartEngine, offering equity and exclusive perks

Sentinels, a prominent esports organization in North America, is offering its dedicated fans the unique opportunity to invest in the company through the equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine. The organization revealed on June 12 that it will be listed on the platform during a “test-the-waters phase.”

Once listed, fans will have the chance to reserve shares and invest in Sentinels, as the organization puts up to 4% of its equity for sale at a valuation of $30.09 million.

Sentinels Fans Can Invest in the Esports Company’s Shares Credit: @ValorINTEL, Sentinels 

Sentinels CEO Rob Moore expressed his excitement about involving passionate fans in the company's journey, stating in a press release, “Our passionate fans have been a key to Sentinels' growth, and we are looking forward to inviting the fans to be a bigger part of our journey.”

Investors will unlock various perks based on their investment amount. The bronze perk, available for a $500 investment, grants fans a limited edition pro jersey. At the highest tier, the Master perk, priced at $50,000, investors receive a 15% bonus shares and an opportunity to meet Sentinels' professional players in person during a trip to Los Angeles, California.

Additionally, time-based perks are offered, providing fans with up to 15% bonus shares if they invest within the first 72 hours.

The minimum investment amount is set at $300. According to Sentinels, the funds raised through this investment opportunity will be allocated toward operational expenses and expansion into new business lines.

Here are the investment tiers and their corresponding minimum investment amounts:

  • Bronze perk: $500
  • Silver perk: $1,000
  • Gold perk: $5,000
  • Platinum perk: $10,000
  • Diamond perk: $25,000
  • Master perk: $50,000

Sentinels is widely recognized as one of the most successful esports organizations in North America, fielding teams in popular titles such as Valorant, Apex Legends, and Halo. The organization also supports renowned content creators such as Tarik ‘tarik' Celik and Brandon ‘Aceu' Winn.

This announcement comes after Sentinels recently introduced SEN Society, a membership club aimed at further engaging with its fan base. It's worth noting that Sentinels joins a growing trend within the esports industry, as other organizations like Fnatic, Cloud9, and Team Liquid have also utilized fan subscriptions or crowdfunding campaigns to involve their supporters more closely.

With Sentinels' new investment opportunity, fans have the chance to not only show their support but also become stakeholders in the organization's exciting journey in the esports landscape.

Sentinels Fans Can Invest in the Esports Company’s Shares
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