Marved to Continue His VCT Journey as Sentinels Bench TenZ

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Marved to Continue His VCT Journey as Sentinels Bench TenZ

TenZ takes a well-deserving break as Sentinels fight through the Regular Season with Marved

After discussing with their star player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo and analyzing the team’s performance during the Super Week, Sentinels have decided to replace him with Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen for the remainder of the VCT split.

Adam “kaplan” Kaplan, the new head coach for Sentinels, announced this news in a video. “We just played our Super Week, and while we didn’t win both games, I’m really happy with the result.” In the announcement, kaplan described how Marved addition helped the team immensely and also commended the team’s IGL Rory “dephh” Jackson’s performance in those two games. 

Future of TenZ

Regarding the star player's future, kaplan added, “Make no mistake, TenZ is not going anywhere! He’s still part of this team.” 

Sentinels Bench TenZ

Credit: Riot Games

After dealing with several health problems, TenZ had to take a break for Super Week. However, this didn’t become a big problem for the North American roster as Marved stepped in and made the team look stronger with only “two and a half days of practice,” according to their head coach. 

Marved’s Performance So Far

The sixth man for Sentinels initially replaced TenZ only for Super Week. However, his excellent performance has made this talented Controller player a great addition to the team. 

Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen Photographed by Riot Games

Credit: Riot Games

Marved’s influence was evident right from the start as Sentinels faced LOUD on their first Superweek match. Even though the Brazilian roster and the current best team of VCT Americas won the Bo3, it wasn’t a bad series for Sentinels as the squad looked stronger than what we’ve seen in previous weeks. 

The team finally broke their losing streak with a 2-0 victory against MIBR, and Marved ended the series as the MVP with a 275 ACS, picking up kills on Controller roles. 


Marved to Continue His VCT Journey as Sentinels Bench TenZ
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