sdy Takes A Break From Competitive Gaming

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sdy Takes A Break From Competitive Gaming

Monte have confirmed that their rifler Viktor “sdy” Orudzhev will take a break from competitive gaming 

In a recent announcement, Monte have confirmed that Viktor “sdy” Orudzhev will be taking a break from competing in their upcoming matches as the player wants to take some time off and rejuvenate himself. The team has not disclosed any details regarding the substitute player who will fill sdy's position.

Monte have been granted a direct invitation to the quarter-finals of the Elisa Invitational Spring online tournament. As the match is scheduled for June 8, the team is now on the lookout for a stand-in player to join their ranks in time for the event.

sdy's arrival at Monte earlier this year marked a turning point for the team, propelling them from relative obscurity in the tier-two ranks to becoming prominent contenders in the competitive landscape. Taking on the mantle of in-game leader, sdy spearheaded their dominance in the tier two online scene, clinching victories in notable competitions such as the ESL Challenger League and various CCT events. The team's exceptional performance continued as they embarked on an unexpected playoff journey during the Paris Major, surprising fans and critics alike.

sdy's impact in Paris was undeniable as he led his squad through a challenging Challengers Stage, finishing with an impressive 3-2 record. Standing out in the crucial qualification match against paiN, sdy showcased his skills and propelled Monte to a surprising qualification for the playoffs. Displaying his dominance once again, sdy topped the scoreboard in Monte's convincing 2-0 victory over Natus Vincere, securing their entry into the quarter-finals.

Although GamerLegion ultimately outmatched Monte in the playoffs, the team's performance was nothing short of remarkable. Throughout the Legends Stage and playoffs, sdy emerged as their second-highest rated player, showcasing his skill and contribution. Monte's impressive top-eight finish propelled them to the 10th spot in the global rankings.

sdy Takes A Break From Competitive Gaming
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