Say Hello To Apex Legends’s Newest Legend Ballistic

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Say Hello To Apex Legends’s Newest Legend Ballistic

Season 17 of Apex Legends is about to get ballistic. Or at least one Legend is. 

Season 16 Revelry is about to end, and Season 17 Arsenal is about to begin. And with it comes Apex Legends' 24th Legend: retired gunslinger Ballistic. He is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes, well-known for his work as Travis Touchdown in No More Heroes, Captain Slag in the Ratchet & Clank series, and Brynjolf in the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. 

Introduced in Encore, the latest Story From The Outlands, August Brinkman was born on Gaea. He was the son of billionaire parents who gained their fortune in a not-so-above-board way. Eventually, their schemes caught up with them, and just like that, August became an orphan. 

With seemingly nothing left to lose, August joined the Thunderdome Games, a precursor to the Apex Games. Styling himself as Ballistic, August would live up to his name and become a Thunderdome champion and celebrity. 

During his time in the Thunderdome Games, Ballistic met his wife, Sok Leng, and her brother Kit Siang. The three would join forces in the Thunderdome Games, and Ballistic and Sok would marry, later having a son named Nathaniel (Take a guess what Cable's first name is: Nathan). 

Ballistic's nothing-to-lose attitude and reckless combat style didn't change after gaining a new family, and one day, his brother-in-law would die in the Thunderdome Games. Out of shame and guilt, Ballistic would go into self-imposed exile. 

Twenty years later, Ballistic's son Nathaniel is all grown up and looking to surpass his father's legacy in the Apex Games. Not wanting his son to share his uncle's father, Ballistic comes out of seclusion to take his son's place in the Apex Games. 

Ballistic is 63 years old, making him the oldest Legend in Apex Legends. The old dog is here to prove that the old tricks still work. 

Ballistic's Abilities

Respawn Entertainment has already revealed he is an Assault class Legend. Thanks to dedicated data miners, we've got an early look into his possible abilities.

Passive: Weapon Sling

Weapon Sling allows Ballistic to carry a third firearm, though it cannot have any attachments. Given Ballistic's reputation as a gunslinger, it's fitting he can pull a hidden gun out on his opponents. 

Tactical: Smart Bullet

Using Smart Bullt will cause Ballistic to fire a projectile that debuffs the enemy it hits. When said enemy fires their weapon, their gun will begin heating up. Once it starts overheating, it will deal damage to them. Ballistic can lock on to a target by holding the tactical button.

Ultimate: Weapon Enhancer

Weapon Enhancer shows Ballistic's growth as a team player after the death of his brother-in-law Kit Siang. Activating Weapon Enhancer will give Ballistic's teammates a buff, giving them enhanced move speed, faster reloads, and infinite ammo during the duration. Weapon Enhancer also automatically equips your Weapon Sling firearm and upgrades it to gold. 

New Top-tier Legend?

On paper, Ballistic looks like quite the formidable Legend. Even without attachments, a spare shotgun in the Weapon Sling will be useful for one tap finishing off opponents, and an upgrade to gold during his Ultimate will make it even more potent.

Bear in mind that these leaks are over four months old, and Ballistic's abilities very well could be different when he comes out. We'll have to wait and see. 

In the meantime, look forward to Season 17 Arsenal's gameplay trailer on May 1. 


Say Hello To Apex Legends’s Newest Legend Ballistic
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