“Same Thing, Different Wrapper”: Iceberg On Battle Pass Cancellation

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“Same Thing, Different Wrapper”: Iceberg On Battle Pass Cancellation

Ex- NAVI midlaner Bogdan “Iceberg” Vasylenko is not expecting big changes following Valve’s announcement of canceling the battle pass 

In a personal Twitch broadcast, Bogdan “Iceberg” Vasylenko, a Ukrainian streamer and former player for Natus Vincere, expressed his opinions on the cancellation of the Battle Pass and the revised format for releasing updates in Dota 2. Despite Valve's announcement that they will no longer release battle passes and aim for a more inclusive approach, the 26-year-old streamer does not anticipate significant changes to the annual event tradition in Dota 2.

“I don't have any thoughts regarding the cancellation of the Battle Pass. Personally, I believe that Valve will not completely eliminate it, but rather rebrand it as “Dota Holiday” or something similar. The concept will remain the same, but it will come in a different wrapper. They will still offer rewards and perhaps introduce some new ones, which would be fantastic. They simply can't get rid of the Battle Pass entirely, you know? They have come to the realization that they were producing too much of the same content repeatedly. Therefore, they will shift their focus and the core essence will remain intact. That's the general idea.”

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Valve has decided not to introduce a Battle Pass for The International 2023, but instead, they have planned a TI-centric update scheduled for September. This update will serve as a tribute to the participating players, showcase the significance of the event, and provide players with an avenue to contribute to the prize pool. This update, however, will feature reduced prominence of cosmetics compared to previous years and will not be named a battle pass, illustrating Valve's shift away from the past and their commitment to the game's sustainability.