S1mple Bashes FACEIT

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S1mple Bashes FACEIT

NAVI AWPer Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev is not a fan of the popular third-party match-making service FACEIT

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, the Ukrainian sniper from Natus Vincere team, recently shared his thoughts on Faceit, the primary competitive platform in CSGO, during his live stream on Twitch. The 25-year-old expressed his complaints about the platform without holding back.

“Every time I play on FACEIT, I have a teammate with a thousand ELO. Tell me, how is that possible? I just don't understand this system at all. As I see it, FACEIT is a shitty platform. When you queue up alone, you always end up with a stack of five people. It's a piece of shit, not a system.”

Even though he criticizes FACEIT, s1mple continues to compete on the platform, actively participating in 22 matches during the past week. He suffered defeats in 15 of those matches. While his win rate for the last 20 matches is 20%, his overall win rate remains at 53%.

At present, Sasha (s1mple) holds an ELO rating of 4057, positioning him as the 2,217th top-ranked player in Europe and the 152nd top-ranked player in Ukraine.

Common FACEIT Problems 

There is a growing consensus that the difficulty in playing on Faceit stems not from players’ own lack of skill, but rather from inherent issues within the platform. Among the main concerns raised by players are:

  • Continuous boosters on new accounts 
  • Unbalanced lobby matchmaking, where players with different ELO ratings are matched together. It is not uncommon for a player with 2000 ELO to encounter opponents with 4000 ELO or newcomers with 1500 ELO, as the average ELO tends to even out.
  • A severe inflationary trend in ELO values. 
  • When playing alone, you might get matched against a team or a bunch of friends, and the majority of your teammates will also be solo players.
  • The “map selection” feature doesn't work correctly for premium account holders.
S1mple Bashes FACEIT
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