RRQ End Global Esports VCT Season in Pacific LCQ

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RRQ End Global Esports VCT Season in Pacific LCQ

The Indian dream is over as Global Esports bow out of the Pacific LCQ

In the upper quarterfinals showdown of the Pacific LCQ, Global Esports went up against RRQ (Rex Regum Qeon) in a do-or-die scenario. After a relatively one-sided series, RRQ defeated the Indian org for the second time this season to advance to the upper semifinals.

The match started on Global's map pick, Split, where they had previously demonstrated strong results throughout the season. However, the South Asia representatives looked shaky from the very start today. RRQ blitzed to a 4-0 start and did not have to look back after that. Maintaining the lead till the end, they finish the map with a 13-10 win. The difference in duelists’ performance played the most significant part in the match’s result. While emman and EJAY were popping off, GE’s duelists’, especially SkRossi, underperformed massively.

On RRQ’s map pick, Ascent, GE had a solid start, winning the pistol and the first gun round. Following that, it was a back-and-forth affair with both teams going on a 5-round win streak. However, 2ge and his teammates' defense side proved too solid in the second half for GE to crack. The star duelist from Philipines, EJAY, dropped 27 kills with an ACS of 307 on the second map and was instrumental in his team’s 13-10 victory.

What’s next for Global Esports and RRQ?

This loss marks the end of the season for Global Esports. While much anticipation surrounded how an Indian organization would fare in the biggest stage of Valorant, AYRIN and Co ultimately experienced an underwhelming season, concluding with a tally of 3 wins and 8 losses across three VCT events.

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Global Esports Pacific LCQ

Credit: Riot Games

As for RRQ, the Indonesia-based org has advanced to the upper semifinals, where they will be going up against the Japanese powerhouse, ZETA Division.

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RRQ End Global Esports VCT Season in Pacific LCQ
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