Ropz Salary Revealed: How Much Did the FaZe Clan Star Make in 2023?

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Ropz Salary Revealed: How Much Did the FaZe Clan Star Make in 2023?

Ever wondered how much FaZe Clan star Robin “ropz” Kool makes? Ropz salary details have recently come to light

FaZe Clan player Robin “ropz” Kool's annual financial report for 2023 was made public in Estonia. Antichraldo on Reddit translated and analyzed the report, providing a closer look at ropz's earnings. Here’s all we know about ropz salary and his other revenue streams.

Ropz Salary: How Much Does the FaZe Clan Rifler Make?

Ropz's company, presumably a sole proprietorship, likely has only him as the employee. In 2023, the company reported a revenue of $1.129 million, all apparently originating from the United States. While we can't isolate his salary and sticker income definitively, subtracting his publicly available prize money from this revenue figure provides a rough estimate. It's important to remember that this is just an approximation and doesn't account for the company's operational costs.

Reportedly, ropz's income from tournament prize funds sits around $474,000. However, this figure likely needs to be adjusted downwards to account for his organization's cut and potential coach's share. Ropz salary, sticker sales, and possible sponsor deals brought in $745,000.

Ropz Salary Revealed: How Much Did the FaZe Clan Star Make in 2023?

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How much exactly is ropz salary at FaZe Clan? As per Antichraldo's calculations, ropz has shown an annual salary of €208,000 ($225,000). That means, FaZe Clan pays him €9,000 per month after taxes

only analysis of ropz's financial report revealed a salary of €208,000, translating to roughly €9,000 ($9,770) per month after taxes. This also seems a little hard to believe since he drives an expensive Porsche 911. In 2023, ropz reportedly directed €500,000 ($542, 842) towards investments or real estate, leaving his company account with a balance of approximately €1.3 million ($1.41 million).

Counter-Strike saw a record year for sticker revenue in 2023, despite having only one Major tournament, the BLAST Paris Major. Sticker sales from the event skyrocketed, reaching an estimated total of $114 million. The Contenders capsule, one of the sticker collections available, proved particularly lucrative for participating teams, averaging $4.5 million per team and an additional $250,000 per player.

This isn't the first time Antichraldo has shed light on ropz's finances. Last year's analysis suggested ropz earned over $850,000 in 2022. Based on the latest report, his income seems to have grown significantly this year. However, unlike this year, the Redditor could not provide a detailed breakdown of ropz salary and overall earnings.

Ropz Salary Revealed: How Much Did the FaZe Clan Star Make in 2023?
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