Rogue Esports Claims Top Prize in Twitch Con Apex Legends Showdown

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Rogue Esports Claims Top Prize in Twitch Con Apex Legends Showdown

TwitchCon Europe just concluded the biggest Apex Legends tournament yet with a $500,000 prize pool up for grabs. Esports organization Rogue dominated the tournament and took home the top prize! Rogue’s Apex Legends squad, consisting of HusKers, Sweetdreams, and Dropped walked away with the lion’s share of the massive prize pool, adding up to over $85,000.

Rogue fought their way through the Qualifier rounds, which included two qualifiers with four games each. These determined the twelve teams from each qualifier round that would face the eight seeded teams in the finals. Each team earned cash prizes based on how many players they eliminated as well as their overall placement at the end of each game. The six teams at the end of each qualifier round who earned the most cash advanced to the finals.

Rogue take it all

Sweetdreams mentioned in an interview during the Qualifiers that their team certainly felt the pressure to perform well. Rogue was the only team in their Qualifier round that were “true competitors,” according to Sweetdreams. They certainly had their work cut out for them in the Finals, though. They were pitted against the likes of teams such as NRG Esports, the closest competitors to Rogue at the event. A non-organization backed team called the “Wakanda Tryhards” also gave both Rogue and NRG Esports a run for their money.

In the end, Rogue prevailed. However, the Twitch Rivals MVP Award went to someone else entirely, namely Coby “Dizzy” Meadows of NRG Esports, who came in second during the event. The tournament certainly boosted numbers of Apex Legends viewers on Twitch for a day, as the views for this tournament peaked at over 175,000 at one point during the day..

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