Riot Releases Teaser For The Next Valorant Agent

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Riot Releases Teaser For The Next Valorant Agent

Missed a new agent in the latest act? Valorant’s next agent drops on Patch 3.0!

Valorant has been barely out for a year and there is a myriad of agents to play. These agents have different abilities that fall under Sentinel, Controller, Dualist, and more to categorize agents and make it easier for the players to distinguish one agent from the other agents in the game.

Upon the global release, Valorant had a total of eleven agents, including the release of Reyna. After releasing one agent for each act, the game now has a tally of 15 agents and the developers don’t want to slow the momentum. In the recent State of Agents, Riot Games' Character Producer John Goscicki shed some light on the 16th agent coming to the game.

The developers reflected that the newest act didn’t have any new agent introduced in the game; instead, the introduction of Breeze was of utmost importance to them. Therefore, Riot’s giving more value to quality rather than quantity, hoping to improve the game's quality of life. After stating this, Riot Games confirmed that the 16th agent would be coming with patch 3.0, bringing us to the next act.

New Agent “Grenadier” On The Pages?

Riot Games informed the community that they will throw in some abilities that should feel familiar to the players who’ve played traditional FPS games like Counter-Strike or Overwatch. Therefore, abilities like a smoke/stun grenade to escape tricky situations or Molotov might be something that can become a part of the game. Moreover, Overwatch has many abilities that Riot can incorporate into Valorant with a bit of twist of the game itself.

Overwatch hero Sombra holds a purple sphere of energy.

Adding to that, the Rioter also mentioned that the agent would use utility to create moments that will force the players to rely on the gunplay. Therefore, it could be similar to Overwatch Sombra’s abilities, where she can momentarily pause or disable the abilities of a particular agent. If that is the case, then it is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, as the release of explosive agents like Raze raised quite a lot of eyebrows where the precise gunplay wasn’t the only factor to consider in a tactical shooter game.

Later in the post, the Rioter doesn’t reveal any more information about the upcoming agent; instead, they mention that their keyboard wasn’t working to dish out the details. In a typical Riot’s way, this could be a further showcase that the agent might have the ability to disable abilities in Valorant. Whatever the newest agent brings to the table, they should prove very good for the players with an accurate aim and might become a go-to priority pick in competitive matches.

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