Riot Games Unveils Valorant Esports Plans

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Riot Games Unveils Valorant Esports Plans

The groundwork is set for Valorant esports.

Riot Games has outlined its plans for Valorant as an esports ahead of the game’s summer release.

The game’s esports ecosystem will be built around Riot Games’ three core pillars — competitive integrity, accessibility, and authenticity. Their hope is that all aspiring pro players have a chance to become pro through “merit-based competition.”.

Valorant will also call upon the community guidelines to devise a guide for third-party tournament organizers when it comes to planning events for the shooter.

Whalen Rozelle, Senior Director of Global Esports at Riot Games, commented on the upcoming esports scene:

“We’re overwhelmed by the initial interest and excitement in VALORANT. We have massive dreams for what this game can be as an esport, and we’re excited to embark on this long esports journey with our players. Our primary focus early on will be forming partnerships with players, content creators, tournament organizers, and developers – unlocking them to help us to build the VALORANT ecosystem.“

Riot Games also stated that they’ve met with over 100 esports organizations to share its plans for Valorant esports and have gathered their feedback. No organizations were named, however.

Valorant has been built with esports in mind. With Riot Games’ history in League of Legends, the esports scene is rightfully hyped to see what they can deliver. For now, it looks like Riot Games is going to leave the game to smaller third-party tournament providers to experiment with the game. Riot is likely to bring the game into its own ecosystem in the future as it has with League of Legends.

Images via Riot Games.

Riot Games Unveils Valorant Esports Plans
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