Respawn Entertainment Opens Apex Legends-Centric Studio In Wisconsin

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Respawn Entertainment Opens Apex Legends-Centric Studio In Wisconsin

Respawn Entertainment has opened up a new studio to ramp up efforts on Apex Legends.

Respawn Entertainment has just opened its third studio in collaboration with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Respawn Wisconsin will primarily focus its initial efforts on assisting the other Apex Legends development teams in Los Angeles and Vancouver.

The announcement came a day after the 4-year anniversary of Apex Legends Season 1.

Ryan Burnett will head up the new studio. Along with experience as a Director of Engine Production at Epic Games, Ryan spent 14 years as a Senior Executive Producer at Call of Duty studio, Raven Software. While Respawn Wisconsin will initially dedicate its time to Apex Legends live services development, in an interview with, Ryan Burnett stated the studio is going to have an active hand in helping shape the future of Apex Legends content.

The formation of Respawn Wisconsin is a pretty big announcement by Respawn Entertainment in what has been an eventful few months. Along with the sunsetting of Apex Legends Mobile came the news of EA shutting down their Baton Rouge location. That studio was home to hundreds of veteran Apex Legends QA testers.

In the same interview with, game director Steve Ferreira stated Respawn believes Apex Legends will last another 10-15 years. If that's the case, Respawn Wisconsin will have plenty to do.

Respawn Entertainment Opens Apex Legends-Centric Studio In Wisconsin
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