Respawn Entertainment Drops Character Trailer For New Legend Vantage

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Respawn Entertainment Drops Character Trailer For New Legend Vantage

You might want to duck for cover, as Vantage has you in her sights.

Respawn Entertainment has dropped the character trailer for Vantage, the newest Legend in Apex Legends. With it comes details on her kit. 


Passive Ability: Spotter's Lens

Vantage's passive ability allows her to gain intel on the entire enemy team. By aiming down the sight either unarmed or with a medium/long-range scope, Vantage can identify what Legends your enemies are using, the distance from the target and how many enemies are in the opposing team. It also allows her to see the rarity of the body shield or the primary target and their teammates. 

Tactical Ability: Echo Relocation

Xiomara Contreras' bat companion Echo isn't there only to look cute.

Vantage can order Echo to take flight, and he can travel a fair distance away from Vantage on any given map. Once you're satisfied with where Echo has landed, Vantage can use her tactical ability to rocket her way to her companion. 

This tactical ability is a great way to relocate around the map and find a new vantage point. Keep in mind that Vantage must have a line of sight to Echo for this ability to work. 

Ultimate Ability: Sniper's Mark

Sniper's Mark makes use of Vantage's custom sniper rifle. After shooting a target with it, she will mark the enemy hit for ten seconds. A marked enemy will be more visible and easier to track. Marked enemies also take increased damage. Vantage's initial round can dish out 50 damage, but successive shots will deal 100. Your allies will also do additional damage to any enemies Vantage has marked. Like her tactical ability, Sniper's Mark functions off her line of sight, and the enemy can disrupt it by ducking behind cover. 

Every bullet of Vantage's custom sniper rifle will use up 20% of her ultimate charge. Players can either save the maximum of five bullets to really put pressure on opponents in large firefights or conserve the bullets and use them one at a time in skirmishes to pick off unsuspecting enemies.

If you're anxious to take point with this sniper support Legend, Vantage will go live alongside season 14 of Apex Legends on August 9. 

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Respawn Entertainment Drops Character Trailer For New Legend Vantage
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