Remnant 2 Best Solo Class, Ranked

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Remnant 2 Best Solo Class, Ranked

As you well know, Remnant 2 offers several archetypes (or classes) to choose from. In a game of its structure, it is very important to choose the one that best suits your way of playing, especially if you decide to take on this adventure alone and not in company. For this reason, in this Remnant 2 best solo class article, we have decided to create a ranking where we indicate the best classes that you can use if you decide to take part in this long solo journey.

The Handler

The Remnant 2 best solo class is the Handler. The Handler and their loyal ally defeat challenging opponents by cooperating and being buddies. The Handler's benefits are created with practicality in mind. They increase recuperation and mobility rates as a result, making it simple and quick for groups to coordinate. Thanks to an added perk, the companion's health will instantly replenish when The Handler is close by. This healing rate can be considerably increased if they show their friend affection. The unique benefit of Prime Bonded stands out amid the variety of advantages this archetype offers. Using the Handler's relic enables the companion to resurrect The Handler instantly and can be used to bring back fallen allies as well.



The Medic

The Medic class is ideal for anyone who wants to keep things under control and has the chance to heal quickly, as you can probably already infer from the name of the class. More than any other class in the game, this one is actually best suited for preserving the lives of the characters and keeping track of the relics. As you might have guessed, this class's benefits are mostly intended to keep the squad alive, particularly during the most challenging encounters against challenging adversaries. It's also vital to remember that this class has fantastic regeneration abilities and that it is able to tolerate interruptions more effectively than other classes when employing relics.

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The Gunslinger

An archetype that works well in video game settings where guns are the main focus is the Gunslinger. It is a character archetype designed especially for players that are skilled with firearms and ammunition management. Therefore, as you might have guessed, the primary function of this type of class is to deal damage to enemies. Additionally, the talents of this class have been created to maximize Damage Per Second, enabling you to engage in battles when switching between weapons and reloading are both incredibly quick.



The Engineer

On the battlefield, the Engineer, a strong and expert heavy weaponry specialist, stands out as a symbol of force. They may carry or deploy potent weapons in turret mode, changing the course of any engagement, with an unmatched level of competence. Engineers' abilities set them distinct from the competition and enable them to excel beyond the scope of conventional methods. The Engineer is the quintessential example of how heavy weapons, tactical knowledge, and supporting abilities may be combined. They develop into an unstoppable force as they continue on their trip, giving their allies the win and terrifying their adversaries.

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The Archon

The Archon‘s intriguing aura exudes an air of ancient wisdom and ethereal power as a keeper of the Labyrinth's greatest mysteries. They are more than just experts when it comes to manipulating weapon modifications; they can do so in ways that are almost miraculous. They have the ability to imbue weapons with unearthly energy with just a touch, greatly boosting the offensive potential of their team. The Archon appears to generate Mod Power with ease, utilizing the ley lines that are concealed within the Labyrinth to channel raw energy. With the help of this special skill, they can increase the amount of Mods used by their squad, giving their comrades a steady stream of strengthening powers to support them during the toughest battles.

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Remnant 2 Best Solo Class, Ranked
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