Remnant 2 Archetypes: The Handler Class Explained

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Remnant 2 Archetypes: The Handler Class Explained

It won't be long till Remnant 2 is released. On July 25, 2023, PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S users will be able to purchase the Gunfire Games-created game. As was already mentioned in this article, Remnant 2 is the follow-up to Remnant from the Ashes, which was produced by the same studio and released in 2019. The press has given this game a ton of positive reviews, despite the fact that players haven't responded as enthusiastically. Nevertheless, we were able to build a modest fan base that is eager to try the sequel.

Like its predecessor, Remnant 2 is set in a post-apocalyptic future where the existence of terrible creatures poses a threat to civilization. It will be the player's responsibility to solve the secrets surrounding this invasion, either by themselves or with two other pals, in order to shed light on the situation and extricate the Earth from this danger.

To begin this trip, players will have the option of selecting an archetype (or class), among other things. In order to avoid being caught off guard as the game gets harder, choosing the right class is crucial. As a result, after we talked about The Gunslinger class, we have chosen to provide you with a general overview of Remnant 2's archetype The Handler in this article while highlighting its strengths and advantages.

Remnant 2 classes: The Handler

Teamwork and friendship are used by The Handler and their devoted ally to overcome difficult foes. With a variety of qualities to offer any squad, this pair epitomizes adaptability. The advantages of the Handler are designed to be practical. For this reason, they raise mobility and recovery rates, facilitating quick and easy group coordination.

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When The Handler is near their companion, an additional perk makes sure that their health will automatically regenerate. If they show affection to their buddy, this healing rate can be significantly boosted. Prime Bonded stands out among the assortment of perks offered by this archetype. It allows the companion to automatically resurrect The Handler by utilizing the Handler's relic, and it may also be used to revive fallen comrades.

The Handler archetype differs from the standard in that it lacks the typical skills of that archetype. Instead, it includes behaviors that alter the companion and give them special passive benefits and usable talents. The Handler uses commands to guide their partner on the battlefield, directing them to fight, flee, watch over an ally, or unleash their special howl.

The companion will draw more opponent attention and take less damage as a result of the first behavior, Guard Dog. The squad as a whole receives a short-term defensive advantage from its scream, which increases aggro generation. A nearby ally can receive passive healing from the second behavior, Support Dog. The healing's potency and range are increased by its howl. The companion's ability to deal harm is passively increased by the third behavior, Attack Dog. A team's ability to deal more damage as a result of the creature's howl is crucial for a full-scale assault.

Kinship, an archetype trait that enhances this archetype's powers by reducing all friendly fire damage both received and inflicted, helps keep everyone alive in combat and rounds out The Handler's talents. With potent explosives, it permits a more careless approach in the fight.

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Contrary to conventional characters, the companion of this class is incapable of permanent death. In the event of defeat in battle, the companion flees until the player can inspire them to rejoin the fight. In conclusion, this archetype is a good fit for players who value collaboration and long for a loyal friend. It supports the notion that teamwork makes the road to success, whether playing solo or in co-op mode.

Remnant 2 Archetypes: The Handler Class Explained
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