Remnant 2 How to Unlock the Archon Archetype

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Remnant 2 How to Unlock the Archon Archetype

The Challenger, the Hunter, the Medic, and the Handler are the available archetypes (classes) for players to select when they first begin Remnant 2 (as well as the Gunslinger for those who pre-ordered the game). However, as the story progresses, you will have the choice to select a second archetype from those that were there at the start or from those that you can find. Remnant 2 does, however, permit the identification of distinctive archetypes if certain requirements are met. Due to this, we have decided to create an essay in which we explain how to unlock the Archon archetype in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Archon archetype

The Archon personifies the epitome of a support-focused character archetype, wielding unmatched proficiency in Weapon Mods and the generation of Mod Power. Through their profound knowledge of the Labyrinth's hidden secrets, they possess an impressive arsenal of abilities that grant their allies powerful buffs and advantages, making them invaluable assets on the battlefield.

As with all other classes, the Remnant 2 Archon also comes with a Prime Perk, “Tempest”. This perk allows to automatically generate 2 Mod Power per second. Also, casting a Mod increases all Mod Generation by 50% for 6 seconds. When the perk reaches level 5, it generates 2.5 Mod Power per second; when it reaches level 10, it generates 3 Mod Power per second and the Mod Generation increases by 100%.

Even the three skills that the Archon has access to, which cannot be donned simultaneously, have a constrained set of abilities. As a result, we suggest you to carefully research these skills and decide when to apply them in order to avoid being caught off guard during the game's most challenging situations. Another reason to consider these talents' attributes before employing them is the fact that they have rather significant cooldown times.

The first skill, “Reality Rune,” lasts 15 seconds and summons a protective dome of 7 meters in diameter that slows down any enemies or their projectiles. Also, allies inside this range receive a 25% reduction in damage. The second skill, “Chaos Gate,” lasts 20 seconds and summons a 7-meter-wide unstable zone that gives allies a 15% bonus to all damage they deal and a 25% increase in Mod Generation, but also raises the damage they sustain by 15%.

“Havoc Form,” the third and last ability, lasts 30 seconds and allows the caster to gain new skills by releasing the Labyrinth's forces. When special Havoc Form powers are used, duration is decreased. If you choose to utilize Fire, the Archon will shoot out Lightning Tendrils that will strike opponents within a 15-meter radius for 84.2 Shock Damage each second. When you use Aim, a 3 meters Energy Shield that does 35 shock damage per second and 50% lessens friends' vulnerability to outside damage is raised. When you use dodge, it does a Blink Evade, dealing 100 shock damage to nearby foes within a 3-meter radius.

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remnant 2 archon

How to unlock Archon in Remnant 2

As was said at the start of this article, Remnant 2 has archetypes that are not immediately available but can be unlocked after fulfilling specific prerequisites. This holds true for the Remnant 2 Archon archetype as well, which will take some effort to identify but might be done so by using our technique. However, keep in mind that this archetype is the most difficult one to unlock since you need to fulfill a long list of requirements.

First of all, the “Hexahedron” Engram must be created in order for players to access the Archon archetype. The Strange Box, which is available at The Backrooms, must first be acquired by players in order to create the Hexahedron Engram. Additionally, bear in mind that getting corrupted requires a specific loadout, which means you must have at least once finished the story.

These are all the items you need in order to unlock the Remnant 2 Archon archetype:

  • You need the Explorer engram, also known as the Golden Compass. To unlock the Fortune Hunter skill, reach level 10.
  • Equip the Realmwalker Set. Once you've finished the main campaign, you can buy it through Whispers.
  • You need the Serrated Root Blade from the Invader engram. The Worm Hole skill can be unlocked by leveling the Invader up to level 5.
  • Relic: you need the Void Heart relic, which can be found in Alepsis-Taura (N'Erud).
  • Long Gun: Ford's Scattergun, that it is accessible following the road past The Red Throne world stone on Yaesha, then turn left inside the library. The floor under you will split up when you are wearing the Seal of the Empress, revealing a basement that contains the weapon.
  • Hand Gun: Cube Gun, which McCabe can create for you after you kill the Labyrinth Sentinel.
  • Meele weapon: Find the Labyrinth Staff, it's available in the Labyrinth's Bastion Event.
  • Amulet: Leto's Amulet, it can be bought from Reggie in Ward 13 but it only becomes available after performing 100 flop dodges.
  • Rings:
    • Amber Moonstone: Available from Cass in Ward 13. She occasionally rotates her stock, so try to get it as soon as you see it.
    • Black Cat Band: Available from Reggie in Ward 13. To unlock it, you must have died a predetermined number of times.
    • Anastasija's Inspiration: Whispers sells it at Ward 13.
    • Zania's Malice: It is located in Root Earth's Ashen Wasteland region. You'll see a small opening on the opposite side of the wall before you fall through it to locate the Resonating Heart; crouch through it to find Zania's Malice.
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Once you have all the items and gear we said above, you can now proceed to unlock the Remnant 2 Archon archetype by following this particular procedure. First of all, go to the portal that is twitching in the Labyrinth. When you view the scene where you will vanish, wait until two seconds have passed before entering. A bridge will appear in order to you to pass safely. Keep in mind that you will need to face some opponents as you make your way to the back of the chamber. Once defeated, turn right to reach the corrupted door. You can open it once you have every piece of equipment we previously listed equipped.

Now, you will reach “The Backrooms” if you enter via the gate. Once you locate the Strange Box, explore The Backrooms. There are two additional items in the Strange Box: the Bisected Ring and the Gunfire Security Lanyard Amulet. Luckily, there are no enemies or bosses in this area so you don't have to be concerned about this aspect. No need to even solve riddles. This is the perfect place to employ the Fortune Hunter skill for the Explorer to be able to take all three items as quickly as possible.

Once you have all the items and have followed this procedure, you have now the chance to unlock the Archon archetype in Remnant 2. However, as you can see, it is not straightforward, so we advise you to do a co-op session with someone who already has all the items required so that they can pass them to you to speed up the whole procedure.

Remnant 2 How to Unlock the Archon Archetype
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