RAMZES666 Talks Patch 7.33 Following PSG.LGD Win

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RAMZES666 Talks Patch 7.33 Following PSG.LGD Win

The 9 Pandas carry shared his thoughts about the new Dota 2 patch and talked about his team’s game plan after picking up a vital win against PSG.LGD at the Berlin Major 2023

9 Pandas’ Berlin Major 2023 campaign has been nothing short of sensational thus far. The Eastern European side continued their winning streak as they cruised to a 2-0 victory against PSG.LGD. 

The win places 9 Pandas in the second position in Group A. If they can retain that position it will grant the side upper bracket qualification. It’s an incredible position to be in, as 9P share the group with some of the best teams in the scene. 

What Did RAMZES666 Say After 9 Pandas Beat PSG.LGD?

After the match, 9 Pandas’ carry player, Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev, sat down with Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner for a post-match interview. RAMZES666 talked about his team’s strategy that earned them the win against the Chinese side and also discussed the new patch.

The first point of discussion, however, was playing Alchemist in the game. 

“I think Alchemist is one of the best heroes. You can flex him on three current roles. He can play separate as well so that’s why we picked him. We’re not really good in this meta. We’re trying some things but it works.”

SirActionSlacks then asked him about the build. He wanted to pick the 9P star’s brain on dealing with Radiance and Butterfly.

“I think you have two or three builds after Radiance. With BKB, you just buy Blink. Sometimes, you buy Butterfly against Terrorblade, maybe Phantom Assassin, Templar Assassin, or Ursa as well. That’s why I got this build.”

RAMZES666 also touched on playing Tinker in the second game. 

“I think we feel good when we play with Tinker. We’re not on a timer. We can definitely base [for] one hour or two hours and we have one of the best Tinkers.”

Then, the 24-year-old explained how 9P took down PSG.LGD.

“Game 1 was really hard actually because they had the Medusa. We don’t really know about all the heroes because, after the [new] patch, you need to play everything and yesterday was my first game with Medusa and I didn’t know about the skill and item build. Now, in our first game against Medusa, she’s really uncontestable. We can’t do anything. We just farm but we feel we’re fine. We need to kill the four [other] heroes and maybe Medusa will die if she hits us five heroes.”

RAMZES666 Talks Patch 7.33 Following PSG.LGD Win
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