Rainbow Six Siege: Kendrew Leaves Na`Vi After Disappointing Year

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Rainbow Six Siege: Kendrew Leaves Na`Vi After Disappointing Year

After benching Luke “Kendrew” Kendrew on Feb 12, Na`Vi has released its R6 Siege team captain on Feb 28.

Na`Vi have announced their R6 roster will be parting ways with team captain, Luke “Kendrew” Kendrew.

A former rugby player, Kendrew's competitive spirit pushed him to great achievements in the world of esports. Possessing a style of leadership, assertiveness and sportsmanship that make him a man others willingly follow. Many times during his two-years playing with Na`Vi the team found themselves in need of a man to carry them through difficult situations. And many times Kendrew answered that call. ESTNN takes a look back over his career and his time with the team.

Kendrew’s start in esports

Kendrew first plunged into the survival video game DayZ, but was later introduced by friends to Rainbow 6. Although initially, he felt he couldn’t find himself in the game, he kept on playing and kept on improving.

He already had several years of experience playing at a high level for several organizations including Invicta Gaming, Method, TrainHard eSport and PACT before settling with Na`Vi's R6 squad in June 2019.

Na`Vi were already rocketing to the top when Kendrew; along with Leon “neLo” Pesic, Ben “CTZN” McMillan, Jack “Doki” Robertson and Szymon “Saves” Kamienack, were absorbed by the team from MnM Gaming. They took 9th to 12th place at DreamHack Valencia 2019. But after a promising start, they lost twice in the qualifying matches to Team Vitality.

Then, after stepping into the team captain role, Kendrew led Na`Vi to victory in the Challenger’s League season 9. This gave them a ticket to the European elite. And over 2019 he helped the team win the ESL Premiership three times and become the PRO League Season 10 Champion. It was a golden age for the Kendrew-led Na`Vi side.

Na`Vi's R6 roster compete in a live match of Rainbow Six Siege

They were out to prove that they were the best Rainbow Six Siege team in the world. In an interview with Ginx TV, Kendrew spoke of the team's high spirits after their wins, ”The mood is good. It felt kind of surreal to be lifting the trophy of the Pro League, something I’d been following for quite a while. So we’re just looking to win again.”

But 2020 was a tough year for Natus Vincere. They were disappointed in the PRO League Season 11 where they managed only a 5th place finish. They again placed 5th in the European League 2020 – Stage 2 and 4th place in the European League 2020 – Finals. The year was a huge letdown for Na`Vi after the golden year of 2019.

Na`Vi bids Kendrew farewell

The series of disappointing finishes prompted a decision from the team. On Feb 12 they sidelined Kendrew.

Kendrew responded with a statement expressing frustration at the decision to bench him. Although he did say that the change in leadership was a risk, he also admitted that it carried “a lot of potential” for the team to do better. He said he looked forward to watching what the team could do with “a fresh mindset and fresh ideas.” After thanking Navi for providing him a home for two years and giving him opportunities to travel the world while doing that thing which he was passionate about, he announced that he would be playing in the EUL next season. He did not divulge for which team he would be playing for.

Na`Vi officially released Kendrew on February 28. Cyril “jahk” Renoud will now fill Na`Vi's team captain position.

Kendrew’s free agency could have some teams looking forward to recruiting his skills and leadership.

“There are alot of people who say I’m not deserving of a spot or I should retire, who judge me based on mistakes I have made.” Kendrews said, “To those people, I’m excited to prove you wrong, because I have never in my life been more motivated to be the best I can possibly be.”

We're sure we'll see Kendrew shine again, in fact we're looking forward to it.

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