PUBG Roadmap 2023, Everything to Expect

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PUBG Roadmap 2023, Everything to Expect

PUBG Roadmap 2023 is here, and the game is looking to continue to evolve.

PUBG Roadmap 2023 is here, and it looks like the game is getting some huge changes. The developer posted an extensive full-detail post about the topic. In this article, we'll try to get through the bloat and get to the important parts.

PUBG Roadmap 2023 – What to expect

Battle Royale

PUBG is conducting a comprehensive review of all elements to establish a foundation for long-term service while maintaining core gameplay. The revamp will align the four modes most encountered by players over the past six years, allowing for a seamless connection between them. PUBG aims to improve the user experience by enabling players to switch between modes based on personal preferences easily.

Ranked and Normal Modes

PUBG is focusing on improving the Normal Match mode by reducing stress and increasing enjoyment. Improvements include boosting item/Blue Zone/vehicle spawn rates, revamping tactical gear, and adding a new revive system. The new revive system will rely on surviving players to revive dead teammates and will be implemented on 8km maps without Comeback BR. In Ranked mode, all existing 8km maps will be applied, and new maps will be added gradually through the map rotation system. Selective equipment and weapons from Normal Match will also be introduced in Ranked, and rewards for Ranked will be enhanced.


Changes are expected in PUBG Esports following improvements in Ranked. Currently, Esports matches use a separate in-game ruleset, which has created a gap between Esports and Ranked gameplay. To reduce this gap, PUBG plans to align the rulesets of Esports and Ranked.

The ultimate goal is to provide Ranked players with a broader stage to showcase their skills and ambition to compete with top-level players, while offering Esports fans the same game experience as professional players. Updates to Ranked will also be applied to official PUBG Esports matches, and the in-game Esports mode will be adjusted to the same settings as the Ranked mode. Specific dates and changes will be announced on

pubg roadmap 2023

Map rotation

PUBG is changing its map rotation service for Normal Match and Ranked. Starting in 2023, the map rotation system will be applied to Ranked as well. For Normal Match, a shorter rotation cycle will be introduced, allowing players to play their favorite maps more frequently. Erangel and Sanhok will remain fixed, while five maps, including Taego and Miramar, will be included in an eight-map rotation.

Ranked will have four maps rotating every two months over one season. The plan is to adjust the probability of the maps gradually, and the fixed maps for 2023 will be Erangel, Miramar, Taego, and possibly Deston. The aim is to provide a more flexible and suitable map rotation service for PUBG players. These changes will take effect in the upcoming April update.


PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS has recently implemented changes to its gunplay to achieve a balance between 5.56mm and 7.62mm weapons, intending to provide players with diverse gunplay options. The update includes changes to weapon tiers, such as making the AUG a world-spawn weapon and introducing the FAMAS to exclusive locations. Non-meta weapons such as the M16A4 and Mk47 Mutant have also had their Single and Burst Rounds Per Minute increased. The developers are also working on underbarrel attachments and resistance mechanisms, as well as planning to add weapons to induce exciting gameplay. The ultimate goal is to provide players with choices that match their playstyle.

PUBG New Map 2023

Maps are a crucial component of PUBG content, as they create a fun and unique environment that can influence how long players enjoy the game. The Taego and Deston maps have received positive feedback from various regions worldwide. This year, a new map, codenamed “Neon,” is being developed, inspired by a place that combines modern and traditional elements. The map will feature multiple areas, from a modern city with skyscrapers to a traditional rural area, creating a unique atmosphere. Exploring the map will be an exciting adventure, with ground, air, and water transportation options. A new gameplay system for Neon is also being developed, which could change how players obtain items and the game's dynamics. The map will also feature new weapons, cars, dynamic weather, and visuals for an unforgettable PUBG experience.

Current map updates

In addition to developing the new map, we have plans to increase the scale of updates for existing maps. This year aims to revamp the oldest maps, Erangel and Miramar, by significantly improving and adding new spots while preserving the core concept.

The updates will include the addition of new areas and enhancements to existing ones, to make the map more immersive and detailed. The Southern Island will see the most significant changes, distinguishing it from the rest of the desert. This is planned for the second half of 2023

Tutorial and New game modes

The tutorial will get some work in 2023, so that players have a safe place to try and test out guns and mechanics.

A reimagined version of  Intense Battle Royale to entirely new experiences that incorporate fun elements from other FPS games, and possibly even introduce new genres. The aim is to provide a diverse and thrilling gaming experience to all players.

That's it for what the developer has planned as far as the “in-game” stuff goes. But the roadmap doesn't end there. Head to the PUBG post on the “out of game” roadmap for more information.

PUBG Roadmap 2023, Everything to Expect
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