PUBG: New State Announces Closed Alpha Testing For US

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PUBG: New State Announces Closed Alpha Testing For US

A select group of American PUBG fans are about to get lucky.

Krafton has announced plans to host the PUBG New State closed alpha test in the United States.

According to a new video on PUBG: New State’s YouTube channel, the alpha version will only be available for Android users. The registration process for the same will begin in “a few days” as mentioned in the video. The game developer will benefit hugely from the feedback collected by testing the alpha version of the game. This will make sure Krafton makes a solid mobile game, enabling a better experience for worldwide users. As the testing phase continues, the developers will focus on showcasing the game to a much wide audience.

Although the developers have given no time frame in the video, they mentioned that the registration process for iOS users will also begin soon.

Krafton released the news about PUBG’s sequel New State in February, 2021. The game is a futuristic take on PUBG Mobile which is a very popular battle royale game. Set in 2051, New State will feature drones, new weapons and a brand new 8×8 map.

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