PUBG Nations Cup 2022, Format and Teams to Watch

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PUBG Nations Cup 2022, Format and Teams to Watch

With the PUBG Nations Cup 2022 returning, we took a look at the format and what teams to watch.

The PUBG Nations Cup is making a triumphant return in 2022. The tournament has been missing for a few years as in-person tournaments were canceled, but it’s making a comeback. The PUBG Nations Cup 2022 is one of the biggest events in the game, both for talent and the prize pool. Alongside the PUBG Global Championship, it’s got some of the highest stakes. Previous Nations Cups saw some of the most exciting PUBG matches. This is how it’s all going to work and which teams to watch out for at the PUBG Nations Cup 2022:

PUBG Nations Cup 2022

 The PUBG Nations Cup 2022 is a tournament that groups all top-level PUBG players into national teams, then they drop in and battle it out to find the top region. This is a World Cup style event that sees players competing based on their location, not in the teams they are used to playing in. This can introduce some unique dynamics, with players not being able to fall back on established routines with their fellow competitors.

The team selection for the PUBG Nations Cup 2022 is being handled differently for different countries. Pro Votes will count for a bit, with eligible players getting to vote for their squad. The main voting is from fans though, with the exact method to pick teams varying by country.

PUBG Nations Cup 2022 Prize Pool

The prize pool for the PUBG Nations Cup is one of the more impressive for the title. There’s a total prize pool of at least $500K! This is how it breaks down:

  • 1st – $100K
  • 2nd – $58K
  • 3rd – $50K
  • 4th – $44K

This prize pool is only the base though! 30% of skin sales from PNC 2022 Skins are going to the overall prize pool. This has the potential to ratchet things up quite a bit in terms of payout.

Competitors and Teams

Since the tournament is drawing pretty close, we’ve got full rosters for the PUBG Nations Cup 2022. These are the teams:


PUBG Nations Cup 2022 Argentina Team

  • mArtins4n (AKM Gaming)
  • AleeRv (AKM Gaming)
  • SzylzEN (Synergy Esports)
  • F1sherr (Synergy Esports)
  • PIPAA (Synergy Esports)


PUBG Nations Cup 2022 Australia Team

  • TGLTN (Soniqs)
  • Monty (Team Bliss)
  • Fludd (eUnited)
  • Luke12 (Shoot to Kill)
  • Insight (Team Bliss)


PUBG Nations Cup 2022 Brazil team

  • Sparkingg (YAHO)
  • Haven (22 Esports)
  • vhz (A Creche)
  • lfp1 (A Creche)
  • rbNN1 (A Creche)


Canada team for Nations Cup

  • Shinboi (YAHO)
  • Adam (Wildcard Gaming)
  • Keenan (Bing Bang Boom)
  • F1nna (Dodge)
  • Didz (FaZe Clan)


Team China at PNC 2022

  • MMing (NewHappy)
  • ZpYan1 (NewHappy)
  • xxxLu (Four Angry Men)
  • Aixleft (Petrichor Road)
  • Rick (NewHappy)


Finland team at PUBG Nations Cup 2022

  • Mxey (Team Liquid)
  • D1gg3r1 (FaZe Clan)
  • Cruexi (Heroic)
  • Pag3 (Heroic)
  • Tikzu (ENCE)


Team Germany at PUBG Nations Cup 2022

  • Mycra (Thunder)
  • PaiinZ (Austrian Force Esports)
  • AzzaRR (Vuptrox)
  • Zoccer (Austrian Force Esports)
  • Itzz Chrizz (We are Who)


PUBG Nations Cup 2022 Indonesia team

  • Niyl (Team Extraordinaire)
  • RDKboss (From the Future)
  • Teedeeyy (Team Extraordinaire)
  • Kidx (Team Extraordinaire)
  • Exagon (From the Future)


Japan team at PUBG Nations Cup 2022

  • Poly (SunSister)
  • Runaxp (SunSister)
  • SHEVA (Donuts USG)
  • Kein (Donuts USG)
  • CiNVe

South Korea

PUBG Nations Cup 2022 for Korea

  • Seoul (Danawa Esports)
  • LashK (Freecs)
  • Inonix (GenG Esports)
  • Loki (DAMWON Gaming)
  • Ssonic (Danawa Esports)


Thailand Team at PNC 2022

  • Nourinz (Daytrade Gaming)
  • J4nku2of (Attack All Around)
  • PuuChiwz (Daytrade Gaming)
  • Ezqelusia (Made in Thailand)
  • Chak (Daytrade Gaming)


Turkey team at PUBG Nations Cup 2022

  • Smash (BBL Esports)
  • Quetpa (BBL Esports)
  • Esqui (HOWL Esports)
  • xLyron (Futbolist)
  • Onur (BBL Esports)

Chinese Taipei

PUBG Nations Cup 2022 Chinese Taipei team

  • Savior (Global Esports Xsset)
  • YanLi (Global Esports Xsset)
  • oeL (Always Outside the Circle)
  • MaoRush (Aura Esports)
  • M4 (Global Esports Xsset)

United Kingdom

UK team at PUBG Nations Cup 2022

  • vard (Team Liquid)
  • fexx (FaZe Clan)
  • TeaBone (Heroic)
  • mykLe (XPLDZ)
  • MiracU (XPLDZ)

United States

Team USA for PUBG Nations Cup 2022

  • Sharpshot (Bing Bang Boom)
  • Shrimzy (Soniqs)
  • Kickstart (EUnited)
  • hwinn (Soniqs)
  • MachineGunner (MachineGunner)


Team Vietnam at PUBG Nations Cup 2022

  • Sapauu (BN United)
  • Clories (BN United)
  • HaiSaki (CERBERUS)
  • DjChip (Refund Gaming)

Tops Teams at the PUBG Nations Cup 2022

Mixed-up rosters for national events make predicting the strongest teams at the event a little difficult. However, there are a few squads that stand out in the rankings.

China might have the best team on the surface level. While it’s hard to predict how each of these will perform together, nearly every member of the team has a big accomplishment on their side. With three players hailing from the same team, they’ll have a lot of synergy coming into the tournament. With that team’s recent wins at events like the PUBG Champions League 2022, Huya Stands Cup season 2, and AfreecaTV PUBG League Winter this is a solid pick for the PUBG Nations Cup 2022. They will be participating remotely though, which could put them at a disadvantage.

Brazil and Argentina both also have teams with a lot of players who have been together before. Argentina’s squad is split between two of their top teams. Brazil also has players A Creche who all have a lot of experience together. This isn’t a guarantee of success, especially since these regions aren’t usually as strong as others. However, having teams with more experience together could pay off for them.

The Japanese team features some stand-out players too. Poly and runaxp are part of a squad that’s had some decent results, with poly’s team winning a region for the PUBG Continental Series in the past.

One of the most fun aspects of the PUBG Nations Cup is seeing how the mixed-up rosters play together. These are some of the promising teams, but the only way to see how it plays out is to tune in over June 16.

PUBG Nations Cup 2022, Format and Teams to Watch
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