PUBG Mobile Announces $3 Million Charity Event

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PUBG Mobile Announces $3 Million Charity Event

It's always great to see esports making its own contribution towards the pandemic.

PUBG Mobile and Gamers Without Borders have organized a $3 million tournament called the World Invitational. The four-day competition is the biggest charity event in the game’s history and will take place from July 22-25.

The World Invitational will feature two $1.5 million contests for PMWI East and PMWI West.

The tournament is set to be a part of a $10 million COVID-19 fundraiser, which is an incredible amount of money coming from esports. The PMWI East has teams from the Middle East & Asia and PMWI West includes teams from Europe & the Americas.

The Eastern side of the competition will include teams like:

  • A1 Esports (Bangladesh)
  • Bigetron Red Aliens (Indonesia)
  • Blacklist International (Philippines)
  • DRS Gaming (Nepal)
  • DSGaming (South Korea)
  • D’Xavier (China)
  • Fanatic Zombies (UAE)
  • Geek Fam (Malaysia)
  • Nasr Esports (Middle East)
  • Natus Vincere (Russia)
  • Reject (Japan)
  • i8 Esports (Pakistan)
  • Team Myths (Algeria)
  • Valdus Esports (Thailand)
  • Yalla Esports (KSA)
  • Zeus Esports (Mongolia)

Two PUBG Mobile characters stand in a wheat field with the PUBG Mobile World Invitational schedule for East and West in between them.

Meanwhile, the Western teams are as follows:

  • 19Esports (Canada)
  • Alpha7 Esports (Brazil)
  • Chivas Esports (Mexico)
  • Destiny (Germany)
  • Ghost Gaming (USA)
  • Godsent (Ukraine)
  • Gunz Esport (Egypt)
  • Konina Power (Khazakstan)
  • Lakonostra MVP (UK)
  • Next Ruya Gaming (Turkey)
  • Qlash (France)
  • Ra’ad (Egypt)
  • RTG Esports (Jordan)
  • Team Onyx (Georgia)
  • Team Queso (Argentina)
  • UDR Killers (Spain)

Top performing teams in the competition will divide the $3 million charity bounty and donate it to partner humanitarian organizations like UNICEF.

The live broadcast will be available on Gamers Without Borders’ Facebook, YouTube and Twitch channels. Tencent will also co-stream the matches on their platforms.

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