PUBG is Gearing Up for Esports Foothold

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PUBG is Gearing Up for Esports Foothold

PUBG is gearing up for a big year in the Battle Royale arena as phase 1 of the PEL is set to get underway on February 15th.

The PEL (PUBG European League) is just one region of a worldwide six which will be represented in the official competitive gameplay, with a season opener scheduled for February 15th.

The strength of the European circuit will be on full display from the Starladder PUBG studio headquarters in Berlin as 16 teams get set to drop on Erangel or Miramar and battle it out for the all-important ‘chicken dinner.' The stage is set for 8 weeks of action, and it will be an intense couple of months as PUBG aims to establish a foothold in the esport world.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the PEL will be whether another team can challenge the dominance of the two teams that have consistently lit up the early stages of the competitive PUBG scene.

Faze Clan and Team Liquid have already created a rivalry which looks set to reach a new level in the upcoming months with both teams boasting a combined 13 tournament victories over fourteen months. A record no other competitive esport team in the EU region comes close to achieving.

Both teams have reshuffled their roster recently, the most significant move featured Jembty make the switch from Faze Clan to Team Liquid, and it will be interesting to see whether the new recruits will make a positive impact when the big bird is in the sky, and the blue zone is closing in.

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