PSG.LGD vs Aster.Aries Preview and Predictions: DPC China 2023 Tour 3: Division I

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PSG.LGD vs Aster.Aries Preview and Predictions: DPC China 2023 Tour 3: Division I

PSG.LGD vs Aster.Aries will be the first big challenge for both squads in the Dota 2 DPC China Tour 3 Division I.

PSG.LGD is one of the best Dota 2 teams in the world and definitely the leader in China. However, there are a few other interesting names that can put a challenge and Aster.Aries is among them. Many people think that the PSG.LGD vs Aster.Aries clash will be heavily one-sided, but according to some of the leading bookmakers, this won’t be the case.

PSG.LGD vs Aster.Aries Preview

LGD is among the Chinese teams that can always surprise its counterparts in the West. However, the team hasn’t had much success in the last couple of months, at least on the international stage.

In terms of Aster.Aries, the latter had its ups and downs but is yet to make its mark on the big stage. The Aster.Aries vs PSG.LGD will be the biggest challenge for the young team, but if they overcome it, they have a good chance of getting a top 4 finish.


Despite securing a slot for the Upper Bracket of the Berlin Major 2023, PSG.LGD lost against Tundra and Talon Esports. These 2 loses were really painful because LGD wasn’t able to live up to people’s expectations. Fortunately, the new Dota 2 patch is here, so the team will have the chance to learn how to make the most of it.


Unlike their big opponents, Aster.Aries didn’t take part in any of the big Dota 2 events recently. Although the team’s results haven’t been that good, it has successful saved its slot in Division I. This will be the team’s last chance to qualify for a Major because once Tour 3 is over, teams will start preparing for The International.

PSG.LGD vs Aster.Aries Predictions

The Dota 2 roster for PSG.LGD at TI 10

Despite Aries’ impressive roster with talented players, there is no arguing that the favorite in the PSG.LGD vs Aster.Aries clash is the team with more experience. It’s been a while since LGD lost against an underdog in China, and we don’t see how this can happen in this match.

Is it possible for Aries to secure a 10k net worth advantage?

Although this team has a lot of firepowers, we think that it won’t be able to secure such a lead against this opponent. 

Can PSG.LGD win the first game before the 20th-minute mark?

Yes, the PSG.LGD vs Aster.Aries series can end pretty fast, especially if LGD picks some of its best heroes. That said, winning a game in under 20 minutes is not easy.

First team to get First Blood

LGD should be the squad that will secure the first blood in the series.

PSG.LGD vs Aster.Aries – Here’s how and where to watch it

May 16 at 13:00 EEST is when you can watch this epic Dota 2 match. If you want to follow it live, go on Twitch and YouTube and follow the stream.

PSG.LGD vs Aster.Aries Preview and Predictions: DPC China 2023 Tour 3: Division I
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