PSG.LGD Penalized by Valve For Day 3 Over Rule Breach

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PSG.LGD Penalized by Valve For Day 3 Over Rule Breach

The Chinese side will face restrictions while drafting on Day 3 of the Group Stage

Valve have enacted a draft penalty on Chinese superteam PSG.LGD for the third day of The International 11’s Group Stage. The punishment was meted out after the tournament favorite outfit failed to report to Valve the fact that their general manager Pan Fei had contracted Covid. The team published an announcement detailing as such on its official Weibo page. 

The punishment will render PSG.LGD unable to pick between Radiant or Dire against fellow Chinese side Royal Never Give Up, and rob them of reserve time during the draft phase against SEA team BOOM Esports and European outfit Gaimin Gladiators.

According to the Weibo post made by PSG.LGD, Pan Fei had been diagnosed with Covid-19 on October 13, but despite immediately beginning a period of self-isolation, neither he nor any member of the organization reported the case to Valve. The explanation given by the team was that they did not realize it was essential since he is not a part of the eight-person team that is officially under the care of the game development giant. 

Dota 2 team PSG.LGD posing for a photo on the Media Day of The International 11

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The post also detailed that every member of PSG.LGD — players and staff — have since taken nucleic acid tests and been declared free of Covid.

However, Valve said that as he was around those eight members of the team while in Singapore prior to being diagnosed with Covid, this was an infraction of tournament rules. As a result, the punishment is set to stand for Day 3 of the Group Stage.


This latest development puts a wrench in the comeback of PSG.LGD, who had bounced back with important wins on Day 2 after a shockingly bad Day 1 that saw them drop four games in three series. The two-time TI runner-ups are set to face RNG at 10AM, BOOM at 2PM, and GG at 6PM Singapore time on October 17. 

Of their punishments, the lack of reserve time for the draft is by far the more damning one as the draft can be as decisive as half the game in the pro scene. Without the extra 130 seconds of reserve time, last year’s finalists will be hard-pressed to draft strongly with a mere 30 seconds allotted for each pick and ban.

PSG.LGD’s results thus far at TI11 have been checkered at best, with the team registering their first series loss in the Group Stage since TI8 and also dropping games to underdogs Soniqs and Hokori. Their performance on Day 2 was much better as they destroyed fellow tournament favorites OG and European powerhouse Team Liquid. 

Following the three penalized matches on 17 October, the PSG.LGD have only one game on October 18 against BetBoom Team, who are currently tied in last place in the group. 

The Chinese side will likely need to win at least four more matches in order to qualify for the Upper Bracket, while also requiring two more to safely secure qualification to the Playoffs.

PSG.LGD's History at TI

PSG.LGD have an illustrious history at Valve’s flagship Dota 2 tournament, with five podium finishes and two finals under their belt. They have also taken part in every edition of the tournament but the first. 

The team has also won almost $24 million in prize money for Dota 2 over the years, which puts them second behind only OG and slightly ahead of Team Liquid, who are just over $600,000 behind. 

While they will almost certainly qualify, this oversight may result in their first Lower Bracket start in the TI Playoffs since 2016.

PSG.LGD Penalized by Valve For Day 3 Over Rule Breach
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