Professional Esports Player Caught Cheating On LAN

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Professional Esports Player Caught Cheating On LAN

Optic Gaming India is making rounds on the internet after a rather hilarious hacking scandal. They were competing in the eXTREMESLAND Asia tournament against the Vietnamese team Revolution. The game was heating up and it looked like the pressure got to team optic’s member Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat as he turned on hacks mid game.

The hacks were not particularly well concealed either as his crosshair flicked around and snapped on random enemies through cover and smoke. This was not the first time forsaken had been accused of hacking. Back in 2017, a similar scenario occurred but it seems like he was not properly reprimanded or even at all as he switched to the same hack, but this time the administration noticed this erratic behavior and went in to inspect his computer.

What followed was perhaps the most hilarious scene in competitive CS: GO history. As the admin started to look around the game files, forsaken sat on his chair visibly distraught but trying to keep a calm face. As they started going through folders, however, he tried to make his move by trying to delete the hacking software in front of them. Perhaps he thought he’d be able to get away with it and they wouldn’t notice but the admin immediately grabbed his hand and pulled it away and asked him to keep his hands off the keyboard as they further investigated.

Forsaken was found guilty of using an aimbot and was subsequently booted out of the tournament along with his team. Their reaction to him being investigated implies that not even they knew he was hacking.

Optic Gaming India has put forward a statement that they have since canceled their contract with Kumawat and apologized for the shameful event. They have also released their entire CS: GO roster on the back of this event.

Hopefully, the innocent teammates will be able to find more sponsors to play under but as it stands, Kumawat’s actions have ruined the future for both his team and CS: GO in India in general.

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