PPD Shares Information About His Idea To Create a Player-Led Tournament Initiative

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PPD Shares Information About His Idea To Create a Player-Led Tournament Initiative

Here is what PPD thinks about Valve’s decision to remove the DPC for next season

Valve added the Dota Pro Circuit several years ago in an attempt to create an official series of tournaments that would take place every year. Although the DPC was highly successful when it first became available, nowadays, things haven’t been doing well. Consequently, the company decided to remove the DPC for next season.

Although this decision was made a few weeks ago, Peter “ppd” Dager, one of Dota 2’s living legends, made a statement about it a few hours ago. In case you do not remember, PPD is The International 5 champion because he won the event with Evil Geniuses.

What does PPD think about the situation?

According to PPD, Valve’s decision to remove the DPC is for the better because it will allow the community to utilize its true potential and come up with a “player-led tournament initiative”.

In a Twitter post, he described the current DPC as a system where the top teams are getting everything, and they are not willing to share that with the rest. This was interesting at first, but it seems more and more people are fed up with the current model.

Ppd shared an interesting story about his goal to create something like a “players union” back in 2015 and 2016. His idea was to lobby to host their own events and create a separate organization similar to Valve. The idea here was to choose the companies that run the event and sync them with Valve. Sadly, this did not work out.

Ppd had the plant raise around $300K-$500K and use this money to fund the company. The goal of this organization was to attract organic Dota 2 players who would help with the creation of new tournaments.

What’s interesting in the post from ppd is that he also revealed some of the players who were supporting the idea. The list consists of names like:

  • MSS
  • SVG
  • S4
  • Yawar
  • Resolut1ion
  • N0tail
  • Universe
  • Loda
  • MiSeRy

We can even see that teams like Virtus.Pro was on board, which was one of the biggest names in Dota 2 at the time.

Even though some of Dota 2’s biggest names were involved back at the time, ppd stated that it was really hard for him to organize everything. Players were focused on The International because it was way bigger than any other Dota 2 event, so it was hard to ask players to focus on a long-term goal.

However, now that TI is “gone” (meaning that its prize pool is not that impressive anymore), we could see something like this happen again. It will be interesting to see if ppd’s idea becomes a reality.

PPD Shares Information About His Idea To Create a Player-Led Tournament Initiative
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