PP-Bizon CS:GO Guide, Important Information You Need to Know

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PP-Bizon CS:GO Guide, Important Information You Need to Know

There are numerous popular weapons in CS:GO, but the SMGs are probably not among them. However, there are several other weapons that seem interesting, and the PP-Bizon is definitely one of them. Find out why in our PP-Bizon CS:GO Guide.

This weapon comes from Russia and it is among the new options in the Counter-Strike world. Despite being an SMG, some people put the time and effort into learning how to use it because they think it is worth it. Even though the PP-Bizon is nowhere near as good as some of the more popular options, it definitely offers CS:GO players the chance to land some nasty headshots and accumulate a lot of cash.

You need to know several interesting things about this weapon, so let’s check them out.


A quick overview of the PP-Bizon

The first thing you need to know about this CS:GO weapon is that it originates from Russia. It uses 9mm bullets and is one of the weapons with the largest magazine capacity (64). In other words, this is one of the few guns in the game that might let you fire at a given enemy for a while.

Interestingly, the PP-Bizon also has a pretty fast reload time compared to other popular weapons. When you combine this with the fact that the weapon has an impressive magazine size. With that being said, It's easy to see why it is the preferred option for people who want to “outlast” their opponents.

Another interesting fact about the PP-Bizon is that this weapon gives people $600 for a kill while playing ‘Competitive”. This, plus the fact that the PP-Bizon costs just $1400 makes this among the best weapon for the second or even third round of a given game. As long as you know what you’re doing, this gun can give you a lot of money. Which will allow you to get better items in the following rounds.

The weapons damage is not that impressive


Despite the fact that the PP-Bizon has a lot of perks that make it stand out, the weapon’s main problem is the damage output. Unfortunately, this SMG is not as impressive as things like the AK-47 or any of the other popular weapons. According to the official stats, this weapon does 27 damage and has a 60% armor penetration. In other words, you have to hit your target more than 7 times to land a kill. Which is not ideal, especially if you are shooting at multiple targets.

Needless to say, this gun’s damage is even lower if you fire at someone from miles away, making it even less effective. The good news is that the high magazine capacity allows you to spray many bullets, so you may get lucky and land a couple of headshots. 

Another important thing related to the damage is that you can kill your opponents even while moving. The PP-Bizon is one of the best items for the “run and gun” tactic because of its low movement speed and recoil.

The PP-Bizon’s fire rate is not as good as some of you might want it to be

One of the big problems when using SMGs is their fire rate. Things like the P90 can allow you to land tons of kills because it has one of the highest fire ratings in the game. This makes up for the weapon’s low damage.

Unfortunately, this is not the case when it comes down to the PP-Bizon. Besides the fact that this gun’s damage is not impressive, the fire rate is just 750 RPM, making it one of the slowest in its class.  That’s one of the reasons why this has one of the slowest DPS ratings.

Try to avoid shooting from long distances

Another big problem when using the PP-Bizon is the weapon’s inaccuracy if you decide to shoot from long distances. As we’ve already mentioned a couple of times, this is not one of the guns that are notorious for doing a lot of damage. It is not that accurate either, which means that you will probably have the most success if you decide to “run and gun” and hope for the best.

With that being said, always try to use the weapon in situations where you can fire at your enemies from a close distance. The further they go, the fewer chances you have of killing them, especially if they use something like an AWP. The fact that you have one of the largest magazine sizes in the game makes the PP-Bizon a dangerous option in specific scenarios.

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PP-Bizon CS:GO Guide, Important Information You Need to Know
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