PMID Disabled in Valorant – What Does it Mean?

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PMID Disabled in Valorant – What Does it Mean?

If you are wondering what the PMID meaning, you are not alone. Let’s learn more information about this in Valorant.

If you have been playing Valorant lately, you probably noticed a sign called “PMID temporarily disabled”. Many of you are probably wondering what it is, so let’s learn everything about it.

PMID Temporarily Disabled in Valorant Explained

You may get different kinds of errors while playing Valorant, and PMID is one of them. Riot  Games is famous for doing different things when trying to fix something, including the manual disabling of some options. From the looks of it, the situation with the PMID temporarily disabled is just like that.

What PMID disabled error means is that the game has disabled specific payment modes for some regions. This means that your gameplay will not be affected in any way. However, this error means that you won’t be able to purchase Radiant Points or Valorant Points in your region using specific payment solutions. It is up to you to test everything and see what it works.

PMID Disabled in Valorant –  Fix

There is nothing that you can do to fix this Valorant error, which means you have to wait for Riot Games to do that. Speaking of fixing it, you can hover your mouse over the notification and see if Riot took action against it.

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Our team tried testing some of the payment options, and we found that all of them work, except for UPI. The latter is big in some parts of the world, such as Asia, so people who reside there and want to use it to purchase points won’t be able to do that yet.

Speaking of using other payments, the PMID temporarily disabled message does not mean you can’t use anything else. On the contrary, Riot Games will let you use all other eligible payment gateways to get points.

PMID Disabled in Valorant – What Does it Mean?
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