Plan Your Trip: Bali Major 2023 Ticket Dates Now Available

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Plan Your Trip: Bali Major 2023 Ticket Dates Now Available

Organizers have revealed when the Bali Major 2023 tickets will be made available for sale

Dota 2 lovers worldwide are buzzing with excitement as the Bali Major 2023 draws near. With an atmosphere brimming with anticipation, this highly anticipated event promises to captivate audiences with thrilling matches and astonishing plays. The moment everyone has been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived: IO Esports has just announced that tickets for the Bali Major will be released for sale on May 24th at 20:00 PM SGT, or 12:00 p.m. GMT+8. Given the limited availability, however, Dota fans must act quickly to secure their coveted tickets and ensure they don't miss out on this extraordinary tournament.

Although the exciting news about the Bali Major tickets going on sale has been unveiled, IO Esports has yet to provide specific information regarding purchasing methods, ticket prices, and locations. Fans eagerly await further updates from the organizers, hoping to secure their passes and be part of the live action. As the event approaches, IO Esports is anticipated to release the necessary details on ticket sales. Keep an eye on their official website and social media channels for the latest updates.

Alongside the ticket sales, IO Esports has introduced an enticing opportunity for Dota 2 enthusiasts to experience the Bali Major without spending a penny. The organization has unveiled a fan art competition, inviting participants to unleash their creativity and compete for a chance to win a pair of complimentary tickets to the event.

To participate in the fan art competition, individuals must submit their entries by 7th June, 11:59 PM GMT. The winner's announcement will be made on 16th June via a future post by IO Esports. Artists from all corners of the globe are invited to showcase their creative abilities by submitting their artwork, without any specific resolution requirements but keeping the file size below 10MB. While some submitted artworks may be featured on IO Esports' social media platforms, the ultimate victor will be determined based on their artwork's creativity, originality, and overall quality. The fortunate winner will be rewarded with a pair of Bali Major 3-day pass tickets, granting them an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy the showpiece Dota 2 event right at the arena. 

Plan Your Trip: Bali Major 2023 Ticket Dates Now Available
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