Pinnacle Cup II Returns With CS:GO

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Pinnacle Cup II Returns With CS:GO

Pinnacle’s sequel to its first tournament will feature Counterstrike.

The Pinnacle Cup II will run from June 28 to July 16; featuring some of the popular teams around the world, and with a prize pool set at $100,000 USD. Pinnacle are organizing the tournament alongside data partner, GRID and production partner, Relog Media.

With both partners having past experience working with Pinnacle. They helped immensely in delivering a great viewing experience to audiences during previous iterations of the tournament.

“We’re excited to announce a second Pinnacle Cup CS:GO event, following the success of our inaugural tournament in the spring.” Said Paris Smith, CEO at Pinnacle, sharing his views on the competition. “This success is testament to the tireless efforts of the team, and our partners, in creating an unrivaled fan experience that strengthens Pinnacle’s relationship with the esports community.”

Ben Cove, Pinnacle’s CMO explained how the Pinnacle Cup has been a great success and the company is looking to expand its scale and longevity.

The cup will feature 16 teams including MIBR, ENCE and Team oNe. With teams competing against each other across the group stage, swiss stage and the playoffs, which are Single-Elimination games.

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