Pimp Slams CS2 Gameplay

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Pimp Slams CS2 Gameplay

Jacob ‘Pimp’’’ Winneche, famous Counter-Strike broadcaster and a former professional, is not happy with the CS2 gameplay mechanics

The much-anticipated successor to CSGO has unquestionably caused a stir of excitement within the Counter-Strike community, but with great excitement comes great expectations. A prominent broadcaster and former CSGO professional is not happy with what he has seen so far and took to Twitter to express his frustrations.

Jacob ‘Pimp' Winneche represented a host of teams as a professional player from 2012 to 2017. In recent years, he has gained recognition for his role as a desk analyst at CSGO events and his ongoing series of ‘clever tricks' for the game. However, it seems that Pimp is less than thrilled about extending this series into CS2, as he openly criticized the game on social media.

According to Pimp, CS2 has left him feeling “sad” primarily due to one problematic mechanic that he deems “at best awful.” Regrettably, the mechanic in question is movement, which plays a vital role in the Counter-Strike experience. It is as indispensable to shooting as oxygen is to breathing.

Pimp criticizes every aspect of movement in CS2, expressing dissatisfaction with running, which he describes as “slow and clumsy.” He also mentions that crouching and moving reminds him of feeling overweight at 130kg. The former Team Liquid player concludes his initial statement by praising CSGO's movement as “the best of the best” and desperately hopes that Valve will find a way to improve the movement in CS2.


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Pimp's outspoken criticism initiated a discussion that drew mixed responses from the community, with some individuals agreeing while others disagreed with his initial post. Amid the diverse opinions, however, an insightful argument emerged, reminding everyone of the similarities between the issues encountered during the CSGO beta in 2012 and the remarkable progress the game achieved upon its official launch and during the subsequent months.

Pimp is not the only one who has complained about CS2’s movement mechanics. Many of those who have had the opportunity to play the game have said that they found the movement lackluster. Since the final launch is yet to drop, we can expect to see significant improvements in this aspect. 

Pimp Slams CS2 Gameplay
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