Pick These 7 Heroes If You Want To Reach Divine/Immortal

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Pick These 7 Heroes If You Want To Reach Divine/Immortal

We take a closer look at 7 heroes that can help you reach Divine/Immortal rank.

Some Dota 2 players don’t care about their rank because they only play for fun. However, this is not the case for everyone because there are loads of people who want to reach the highest division. 

Sadly, becoming a Divine and/or Immortal player is easier said than done because you have to be really good. Of course, you also need to pick the best heroes for the job, so you must keep an eye on the meta. Fortunately, we will save you a lot of time by providing you with the best heroes in these two brackets. Needless to say, using them in the current meta should allow you to reach your goal much easier.


The first hero that you have to spam as much as possible is Visage. Despite being one of the hardest mid-laners in the game, this hero has a jaw-dropping win rate of over 57%, which is really impressive. The hero can easily lane against everything and is one of the best options for the mid-game.

Visage is not the easiest hero to master, but it is definitely worth it because it can win games on its own. Following the laning stage, Visage can start ganking and pushing with his team. Hence, the games often end fast, which is another plus.


Speaking of fighting and pushing, Lycan is one of the best options out there because the hero works in multiple situations. He is often the team’s carry, but many high-ranked players also take the mid-lane.

Lycan is not the fastest farmer in the game, but he is one of the best regarding teamfights. The hero’s ultimate makes him impossible to catch and allows him to chase his enemies. Since the current meta focuses mostly on the mid-game matchups, Lycan usually dominates the game because only a few other heroes can go up against him.

All of the perks affect his win rate because Lycan has around 56.55%. This makes him the best carry in the highest MMR bracket and one of the best options overall.


If you are a support player and want to find a hero that will allow you to reach the Divine and Immortal bracket, there is one option that will most likely get you there. Chen is not the easiest support, and he isn’t a hero that works in every situation. However, the current meta allows him to be diverse and effective in multiple positions.

One of the advantages of playing with Chen is the fact that you can gank the lanes and help with pushes. The hero can also deal a lot of damage and can heal his allies. All those things have an effect on his popularity, which explains why he has a 55.66% win rate.

Lone Druid


If you are looking for a hero that can easily carry his entire team, Lone Druid has to be one of the first names that come to mind. This is a core hero that can take pretty much any role, Some players go to the mid-lane, whereas others prefer to focus on the safe lane.

Regardless of your preferred position, Lone Druid is one of the only heroes in the game that can become unkillable. As long as you have good unit control and take advantage of your bear, you can easily rip through your enemies like a knife through butter.

LD is one of the core heroes that allows people to focus on different item builds. Some of them go for the classic Radiance build that lets them farm faster. However, you can often find LD players with Maelstorm because this allows them to take more fights.

Naga Siren


It is tough to find a better carry than Naga Siren when it comes down to PUBs. This is one of the strongest heroes in the game and one of the best late-game monsters. Naga is a fast farmer that can easily carry her team, as long as she has a good laning stage.

With that said, the thing that makes Naga so dangerous is her ultimate. It may not deal any damage, but when used correctly, the hero can easily set up easy kills and win fights with little to no effort. Even though most players can’t take advantage of her ult, this is usually not the case in the highest MMR bracket.

It is important to know that Naga Siren also has two playstyles. The first one allows people to push all lanes and prevent their opponents from pushing, whereas the second one focuses on team fights. Both are good, so you need to decide which one is better for the given situation.

Speaking of Naga Siren’s win rate, the hero has around 55.37%, which is not bad.


If you like playing support, but Chen is not your thing, the 2nd best option in the highest MMR bracket is Omniknight. Known as one of the best defensive supports in the game, the hero can easily carry his team even from this role. All he needs is an aggressive core, such as Huskar or Phantom Assassin, and he can use his defensive abilities.

Another thing that makes Omniknight an excellent option is the fact that the hero is easy to master. Unlike Chen, which requires you to have good unit control, Omni is a hero that you can use right away.

Arc Warden

The last hero on the list is called Arc Warden, and we’ve featured him at least a couple of times in our reviews about the hottest mid-laners. Aside from having one of the highest GPM and hero damage, Arc Warden is also an excellent tool to gain MMR. The hero is not that easy to play, but once you learn how to take advantage of the Tempest Double, you can quickly destroy almost anyone in the mid-lane, including Visage.

Once you learn how to master the hero, you will have little to no problems reaching your desired rank. After all, Warden has a 54.71% win rate.

Pick These 7 Heroes If You Want To Reach Divine/Immortal
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