Persona 3 Fortnite Collab Leaks – Huge Exciting Crossover

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Persona 3 Fortnite Collab Leaks – Huge Exciting Crossover

Is a Persona 3 Fortnite collab coming next season? This is what we know so far about a potential Persona Fortnite collaboration.

One of the biggest titles released in the last year or so has been Persona 3. It’s a remake of the JRPG which exposes a whole new generation to the classic game. It could be the source of a new collaboration coming to Fortnite too.

Right now, we’re days away from the launch of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2. This will be a mythology-themed season with brand new items, map changes, and more. Not all of the collabs have to adhere to the theme of the season though.

Collabs don’t always stick to what’s going on in the base game. Fortnite is apparently lining two new big gaming collabs soon.

According to two recent leaks, there’s a return due for the God of War skin with another one from that series. Perhaps more exciting though is another new collaboration, a Persona Fortnite crossover.

Is There a Persona 3 Fortnite Collab Coming?

 Persona 3 Fortnite

The new Persona 3 Fortnite collab has been talked about in recent leaks for next season. This isn’t due to be part of the season's launch. It’s not one of C5 S2 Battle Pass leaks.

It seems like the leak is pointing towards a new item shop collab. This means we could get a handful of skins, potentially 3-4. They also come with their own extra cosmetics to match.

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The leaks don’t seem to say that this will be part of a wider event. There likely won’t be an event pass with free cosmetics. It’ll just be an inclusion on one day’s Fortnite item shop.

The Persona collab would likely stick around for a few weeks, but it probably won’t get in-game items. What skins can we expect from the Persona Fortnite collab though?

What Persona Fortnite Skins are Coming?

Persona 3 Fortnite

A set of Persona skins are coming to Fortnite soon! What characters do we expect to see in-game though? There are quite a few which seem worthy of being included.

One we will probably see is characters from Persona 3 Reload. This is a new release in the series and makes the most sense for a collab. We can expect the protagonist and maybe another character from this game.

What else though? Persona 5 seems like the most likely second choice. This was the most recent new game in the series. It’s also the one that’s arguably achieved the most popularity internationally.

Joker seems like a certain inclusion from a Persona Fortnite crossover. As the title character from 5, he’s already in games like Smash Bros. We could see another character from 5 included too.

The most likely other picks would be another character from the game’s party. There are quite a few popular characters amongst the Phantom Thieves, but we probably won’t see all of them in-game just yet.

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Persona 3 Fortnite skins and some Persona 5 inclusions seem the most likely so far.

Persona Fortnite

Is the Persona Collab Confirmed?

It’s all very exciting to be getting Persona Fortnite skins. Is the collab confirmed yet though? No, we’re still in the rumors phase.

This isn’t like the recently confirmed Fortnite Zeus skin. It’s all based on leaks and rumours. This could mean it arrives within weeks, or it could get canceled for some reason.

Often leaked collabs don’t end up in-game, or at least not quickly. Samus was heavily rumored, and it turned out she was planned but negotiations with Nintendo fell through when they released it would playable off their hardware.

Peter Griffin was in leaks since Chapter 2. He didn’t show up properly until Chapter 5 Season 1, years later! While the Persona Fortnite leaks look pretty likely, it could take a while and things can change.

Hopefully, we’ll see these skins added to the game next season! A Persona 3 Fortnite collab would definitely be a good reason to splash out some V-bucks.

Persona 3 Fortnite Collab Leaks – Huge Exciting Crossover
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