Palworld v0.2.0.6 Brings First Raid Boss, New Buildings and More

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Palworld v0.2.0.6 Brings First Raid Boss, New Buildings and More

The gigantic Palworld v0.2.0.6 patch introduces Bellanoir the first raid boss, as well as a host of new additions.

Palworld's largest version update has arrived on Steam, and it includes the survival-crafter's first raid boss, new updates to Pal bases, balance adjustments, powerful new items and much more.

New challenges await players going back into the indie mega-hit, as the long-awaited update gives Palworld fans their biggest challenge yet: Bellanoir, an extremely tough raid boss Pal that was first announced back in March. Given that the current game's gone a long time without any major patches, Palworld v0.2.0.6 is a breath of fresh air for die-hard Palworld fans.

While the game's player count has dropped off in recent months, the changes in v0.2.0.6 may be just what the game needs to reignite player interest. Here's everything you need to know about Palworld v0.2.0.6

Palworld v0.2.0.6

Palworld v0.2.0.6 Details

Raid Boss Bellanoir

Bellanoir is Palworld's very first raid boss Pal. These Pals unleash devastating AOE abilities to overcome any foe, but luckily you'll have your entire Pal base by your side. And the Palworld v0.2.0.6 notes revealed just how these special bosses are summoned.

To summon Raid Bosses in Palworld, you'll need to use the appropriate slab at the Summoning Alter. Raid bosses unfortunately cannot be captured due to how powerful they are, but they can drop special Pal Eggs which you can use with the Incubator.

Bellanoir also has an “Extreme” difficulty for those looking to test their strongest Pal roster. Keep in mind that this will be highly dangerous. Thankfully, Palworld v0.2.0.6 also made recovering your items way easier.

New Balance Updates

Palworld v0.2.0.6 came with a slew of important balance changes. These fix parts of the game while providing a lot of quality-of-life (QoL). Here are all of the balance updates so far:

  • Minimum heat and cold resistance remove the need to take off certain armors when it is cold/hot.
  • Reduced button press time in the egg incubator.
  • Jormuntide Ignis' pattern updated.
  • New legendary blueprints for some firearms that also drop from certain mobs.
  • Fixed selling price for Diamonds.
  • In single-player, it is no longer possible to select the initial spawn point for multiplayer.
  • Improved starting area with new rock barriers to prevent players from getting lost or stuck.
  • Partner Skill attack buff while riding Pals reduced from 2.0 >>> 1.2.
  • Added chance for incubated eggs to hatch Alpha Pals.
  • Flying and floating Pals now invulnerable to fall damage.
  • Price adjustments in the Shop.
  • Added a new “Mercy Hit” passive ability which prevents Pals from reducing an enemy's HP to 0.
  • Aiming a sphere at a target now shows how many of that Pal you've caught.
  • Cooldowns on all used partner skills can be checked on the main screen.
  • Technology screen now displays all equipment and items stats, regardless if you've unlocked them yet.
  • Improved tutorial screens; renamed to “Journey”.
  • You can now show/hide “Journey” in game options
  • You can now change damage number display size in options.

New Items

Palworld v0.2.0.6 adds new and powerful items scattered across Palapagos Island. Some of these are craftable equipment while others can be found in dungeons and chests. Here are all of the new items in the Palworld v0.2.0.6 update, and what they do:

  • Training Manual: gives Pals experience points.
  • Ancient Technical Manual: gives you Ancient Technology Points, and are only found in dungeon chests.
  • Recovery Meds: Slowly recovers player HP overtime.
  • Homeward Thundercloud: Instantly teleports player to the nearest base.
  • Ability Glasses: Lets you see Pal stats when equipped.
  • Power Fruit, Life Fruit & Stout Fruit: Boosts certain Pal stats.
  • Ring of Mercy: Prevents you from reducing an enemy's HP to 0.
  • Multiclimate Undershirt: Gives player both heat and cold resistance.

New Base Buildings

This gargantuan version update also includes two, all-new buildings which you can add to your Pal base. Here's what they do:

  • Electric Egg Incubator: Improved incubator that adjusts to the optimal temperature of each egg.
  • Ore Mining Site: Ore sourcing facility that makes mining way easier.

New Pal Updates

Some Pals learned a few tricks while we were waiting for the v0.2.0.6 version update.

  • Kelpsea now produces Pal Fluid when you place one in a Ranch.
  • Dumud now produces High-Quality Pal Oil when you place one in a Ranch.
  • Surfent Terra mount now reduces the weight of metal ore you carry.
  • Astegon mount drops more ore when you ride it.

Besides these, the Pal Essence Condenser can now max out a Pal's rank with a single synthesis. At the same time, all negative status effects will now be removed if a Pal spends some time recovering in the Pal Box.

Base Updates

Check out the home improvements in Palworld v0.2.0.6!

  • You can restrict Pals to specific duties using the Monitoring Stand.
  • New Chest Filters let you decide which items they can store.
  • Selecting “allow transport” while crafting will let Pals transport completed items to your chests.
  • New “Antique Dresser” lets you change your appearance at any time.
  • Less restrictions on placing buildings.
  • You can now connect stairs facing upwards.
  • Roof pieces can now directly connect to foundations.
  • Triangular walls can now connect to stairs.
  • You can now force a Pal to work during their break by throwing them towards a work area.
  • Pals remain fixed to their assignments in spite of raids (can be reassigned after a Pal Box reset.)

Palworld v0.2.0.6

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: empty treasure chest bug that would occur after dying in a dungeon and other instances.
  • Fixed: player attack power fluctuations while mounted in certain conditions.
  • Fixed: enemy loot drops that wouldn't trigger while player was mounted.
  • Adjusted: Legendary Pal HP decrease after capture.
  • Fixed: bug where flying Pals would consume Food automatically.
  • Fixed: wild Pal hitbox with certain Pal spheres.

Miscellaneous Updates

Improved Pal textures, plenty of minor bug fixes and crisp sound effects were just some of the additional updates in Palworld v0.2.0.6. Along with smoother performance on dedicated servers, here's a few more important additions in Pocketpair's humungous update:

  • Items you drop after death inside a dedicated server can be picked up by anyone within 24 hours.
  • New “Sleeping” player emote.

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