Pocketpair Unveils New Evil Pal and Bellanoir Raid

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Pocketpair Unveils New Evil Pal and Bellanoir Raid

Pocketpair has unveiled the next leg of content to be deployed in the game, and it includes a new evil pal along with a full raid.

A new evil pal is slated to join the Paldeck, and the game’s very first raid is set to arrive in a content update for Palworld. Pocketpair revealed the info via Twitter AKA X, addressing the lack of ‘new content’ in the game, and deployed the teaser for the game’s first ever Raid. Pocketpair has remained silent about when the update would arrive, but we have more details below.

The game developer also revealed that Pocketpair will remain a relatively ‘small-scale’ studio, even after their latest title Palworld broke Steam records and sold millions of copies. The game’s huge success caused server issues for the game, and caused Pocketpair to increase the size of their game servers for each region, due to the massive player load.

Palworld Bellanoir Raid and Evil Pal Release Date

At the time of writing, there is no official release date for the upcoming Evil Pal and the Bellanoir Raid update. The teaser only revealed the content, but it did not specify a release date for the content. However, we will update this article as soon as we receive information from Pocketpair regarding a release date for the game's next content update.

The update aims to silence community banter where people are claiming that the game is “dead,” while in reality the game is just “out of content,” and Pocketpair intends to ship new stuff to the game soon.

Palworld still has a decent concurrent player count, which is still one of the highest ever on Steam. There has been internet discourse regarding the game being “dead” or losing its concurrent player count. However, the loss in player count is only because many players who've finished all the available content in-game are waiting for the next update to drop. Such has also happened with other survival titles the game seems to take inspiration from, such as Ark: Survival Evolved.

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