Paldium Crystals Farm Guide In Palworld

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Paldium Crystals Farm Guide In Palworld

This article is a Paldium Crystals Farm Guide for Palworld players to effectively gather and use the valuable resource

In Palworld, the possibilities are as limitless as the horizon. The journey promises to be both exhilarating and rewarding. The open-world survival game, popularly referred to as “Pokemon with Guns’, is providing a very fun gaming experience for players ever since its release last week.

With such a vast world comes a lot of resources, crafting, and valuable items. Therefore, farming as well as resource management, become very important skills in the game. Here, you'll learn how to find and make the most of this valuable resource called Paldium Crystals efficiently.

Paldium Crystals Farm Guide

Here are a few tips on how you can get these crystals easily and why you would need them.

How To Get Paldium Crystals

Firstly, it is easy to get confused between Paldium Crystals and Paldium Fragments. Fragments can be found from distinctive blue rocks, which have shimmering blue streaks, randomly dispersed across the game's map, often found near water bodies. Crystals are an entirely different thing.

The most effective method for acquiring Paldium Crystals involves fighting Pals as a boss across the world. Chillet is situated not too far from the starting area and will drop crystals for you. Level 11 Penking is also conveniently accessible and not too distant from the starting location. It follows a similar respawn pattern of every 30 minutes.

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Paldium Crystals Farm Guide In Palworld

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Defeating them will get you 2 to 4 Crystals. There's the Level 38 Mammorest nearby as well, offering the most rewards among the three bosses. But it can chew you alive if you are a low level player.

You can also get Paldium Crystals when you complete dungeons but this would require a good team of Pals and equipment for your character. So, it’s better to leave it for later phases of the game. It’s not worth grinding for the same rewards that you can get easily later on.

Lastly, explore the vast world around you. This not only helps you come across many resources but you get the hang of navigating through the map. Open up chests as you find them, and they may have a couple of Crystals in them as loot if you are lucky!

Why You Need Paldium Crystals

Pal Spheres are essential for capturing Pals, which is basically the entire point of the game. As you level up, your spheres need to be more special to catch high level creatures. You need Mega Shield, Giga Shield and Hyper Shield. They require 15, 30 and 50 Paldium Crystals, respectively. Therefore, Paldium Crystals become an essential item for your collection of Pals and your journey in Palworld.

Farming, as well as resource management, is an integral part of the game. As you embark on your thrilling adventure in this open-world survival game, remember that these valuable resources hold the key to capturing and nurturing your Pals, the heart and soul of the game.

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Paldium Crystals Farm Guide In Palworld
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