Lunaris Palworld – How to Find and Catch It

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Lunaris Palworld – How to Find and Catch It

Are you looking to get Lunaris Palworld? If so, let’s learn more information about it and how to find it.

Besides the Palworld Milk and other interesting aspects of the game, in the end, people want to get as many Pals as possible. Having said that, some are more rare than others because they only appear in a specific location. Following the Lunaris Palworld release date, it became clear that this is one of them, so let’s learn more about this Pal.

Lunaris is one of the hottest Palworld Pals for several reasons. One of them is the fact that it has the Handiwork Lv3 Work Suitability, which means it is one of the best pals you can have for crafting. Of course, getting your hands on the Palworld Lunaris is not as easy as it sounds, so let’s dive in.

Lunaris Palworld – Where to Find Him

If you are wondering where to find Lunaris in Palworld, he is located in the Sea Breeze Archipelago. This is an island located near the Windswept Islands, and you can go there using the Fast Travel point located north of the dungeon. The latter is located southwest of the Alpha Gumoss on top of a hill. 

Something to keep in mind is that there is usually a Syndicate Camp close by, so you have to be careful and clear it. Other than that, there are no major threats, so you can prepare for the fight.

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Lunaris Palworld Fight 

Lunaris Palworld - How to Find and Catch It
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If you do not know how to catch Lunaris in Palworld, you should know that the boss is Level 32. In other words, you should only approach this fight if your level is high enough. 

In terms of this Pal, Lunaris ‘s type is Neutral Element, which means that all Dark-Element Pals are really good. The list can include options like Nox, Mau, Daedream, and more. We’ve seen videos of people who focus on Daedream more than the other options, so it’s probably a good idea to put him to the test. However, you have to be careful for your Pal not ot kill Lunaris Palworld because you will not be able to catch it.

In terms of the actual Palworld Lunaris capture process, you can use the Giga Sphere. However, since the chances are not that high, you may want to get stronger Spheres.

Lunaris Palworld – How to Find and Catch It
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