paiN vs 9z Preview and Predictions: ESL Challenger Katowice 2023

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paiN vs 9z Preview and Predictions: ESL Challenger Katowice 2023

The upcoming paiN vs 9z matchup will be an encounter between teams with slightly different trajectories in 2023

When it comes to participating in S-tier events, paiN had more success this year compared to 9z. The Brazilians’ performance in ESL Pro League, especially, impressed us the most. However, even though paiN are the favorites of this Best of 1, the Argentinians have more victories in their head-to-head games. 

If you’re into CSGO betting, here are our predictions on this matchup, including previews of each squad.


Unlike 9z, paiN were able to participate in the Paris Major thanks to their impressive RMR run, where players like NEKIZ and skullz shined the brightest. Moreover, the Brazilians surprised us by reaching the Playoffs of this year’s ESL Pro League. With so much potential shown in 2023, this roster has the ability to enjoy an impactful event in Katowice.

  • Last 5 Games: LWLLWL


Gabriel “NEKIZ” Schenato

  • HLTV Rating: 0.98
  • Impact Rating: 1.06
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 70.0%
  • Average Damage Round: 74.8
  • Kills Per Round: 0.68

Rodrigo “biguzera” Bittencourt

  • HLTV Rating: 1.16
  • Impact Rating: 1.15
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 73.1%
  • Average Damage Round: 80.5
  • Kills Per Round: 0.72

Wesley “hardzao” Lopes

  • HLTV Rating: 1.09
  • Impact Rating: 1.02
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 73.3%
  • Average Damage Round: 74.0
  • Kills Per Round: 0.69

Romeu “zevy” Rocco

  • HLTV Rating: 1.16
  • Impact Rating: 1.16
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 72.4%
  • Average Damage Round: 75.7
  • Kills Per Round: 0.76

Felipe “skullz” Medeiros

  • HLTV Rating: 1.10
  • Impact Rating: 1.03
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 72.7%
  • Average Damage Round: 76.0
  • Kills Per Round: 0.70

Player To Watch


paiN vs 9z


This Argentinian roster’s 2023 has been pretty insignificant so far, with only a few trophies in B and C-tier tournaments. Their journeys at IEM Rio and Dallas were brief, and they also struggled in the RMRs for the Major. However, these results haven’t come as a surprise for most Counter-Striker viewers, and 9z will have to defy the odds to stand a chance against the stronger opponents here at Katowice.

  • Last 5 Games: WWWLW


Maximiliano “max” Gonzalez

  • HLTV Rating: 1.11
  • Impact Rating: 1.11
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 71.4%
  • Average Damage Round: 79.1
  • Kills Per Round: 0.70

Franco “dgt” Garcia

  • HLTV Rating: 1.16
  • Impact Rating: 1.07
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 74.0%
  • Average Damage Round: 78.0
  • Kills Per Round: 0.74

David Tapia “dav1deuS” Maldonado

  • HLTV Rating: 1.15
  • Impact Rating: 1.18
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 72.3%
  • Average Damage Round: 82.1
  • Kills Per Round: 0.74

Santino “try” Rigal

  • HLTV Rating: 1.19
  • Impact Rating: 1.19
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 73.4%
  • Average Damage Round: 77.6
  • Kills Per Round: 0.76

Nicolás “buda” Kramer

  • HLTV Rating: 0.98
  • Impact Rating: 0.95
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 68.9%
  • Average Damage Round: 71.1
  • Kills Per Round: 0.62

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paiN vs 9z Predictions: ESL Challenger Katowice 2023

We are predicting a close game where paiN take the victory against 9z in overtime.

paiN vs 9z Head to Head Record 

These teams had a total of three encounters before this match, with 9z winning two of them against paiN.

paiN vs 9z Maps 

  • Nuke

paiN vs 9z Score 

  • Map 1: paiN to win by OT

paiN vs 9z Top Fragger


ESL Challenger Katowice 2023 9z vs paiN Match Links

paiN vs 9z Match Time

June 9, 2023 – 07:30 ET/06:30 CST/04:30 PT

paiN vs 9z Preview and Predictions: ESL Challenger Katowice 2023
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