OWL 2022 Power Rankings – #19 Florida Mayhem

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OWL 2022 Power Rankings – #19 Florida Mayhem

Los Angeles Valiant opened our OWL 2022 Power Rankings, taking 20th and last place. Just above them is another team that doesn’t raise many hopes for the upcoming Overwatch League Season: Florida Mayhem.

Florida Mayhem 2022 Roster Preview

The Overwatch League doesn’t have a history of being nice to Florida Mayhem. If the team placed 11th in the Inaugural Season, it fell to the 20th and last place in 2019. Florida Mayhem almost managed to get back on its feet in 2020, reaching the North America Playoffs. But that success didn’t last long, and the team stumbled back to the bottom of the rankings in 2021. Following a disappointing season, Florida Mayhem released almost all of its roster, signing back a single player for the 2022 season.


  • Taesung “Anamo” Jung
  • Majed “SirMajed” Alrashied

Taesung “Anamo” Jung is the player with the most experience in this Florida Mayhem 2022 roster. The main support player has been playing in the Overwatch League ever since the Inaugural Season. He was playing with NYXL this first Season, winning the Regular Season and placing 3rd in the Playoffs. The same year, Anamo won the Overwatch World Cup 2018 with Team South Korea. NYXL stumbled in the following seasons, ending 3rd in the 2019 Season and 7th in 2020. Anamo then joined Seoul Dynasty, who also placed 7th in the Overwatch League 2021 Regular Season.

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Majed “SirMajed” Alrashied is a flex support player who will play in the Overwatch League for the first time this season. He played with many teams these past few years, competing in the European and North American Contenders, as well as the Saudi eLeagues 2021 tournaments. SirMajed has a way more aggressive playstyle than Anamo, especially with his Zenyatta flanks.


  • Seung-hun “Checkmate”
  • Huy “MirroR” Trịnh
  • Isaiah “Hydron” Rodriguez

Seung-hun “Checkmate” is the only player from the Florida Mayhem 2021 roster to stay with the team for this upcoming season. He didn’t get much playtime last season, but the coaching staff seems to believe in him as they initially released Checkmate before signing him again.

Huy “MirroR” Trịnh is one of the most versatile players in the Overwatch League. If he mainly played as a DPS during his time with Los Angeles Gladiators, he is also able to play tank and support. During the Countdown Cup 2020, he even played all three roles – being the first player to do so after the role-lock rule.

Isaiah “Hydron” Rodriguez is the DPS player of Florida Mayhem with the biggest potential. He turned 18 last February and will make his first steps on the Overwatch League main stage this season. Hydron stomped over the North American Contenders for over a year, winning almost all seasons with various teams. He first won Contenders 2020 NA Season 2 with Tier 2 Drama Alert Nation before joining American Tornado. And this team stayed true to its name, winning The Gauntlet 2020 and all of Contenders NA 2021.

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  • Adam “Adam” Soong
  • Jeong-wan “SOMEONE” Ham

Adam “Adam” Soong is an Australian off-tank player who mainly competed in his country. He won three seasons of the Australian Contenders with ORDER and Ground Zero Gaming, before joining the Uprising Academy last year. The team placed 3rd in Contenders 2021 NA Season 2, falling behind Hydron’s American Tornado.

The second tank of the team, Jeong-wan “SOMEONE” Ham, will turn 18 on April 24. He previously played with Gen G. esports and Team CC, the academy team of Shanghai Dragons in Overwatch Contenders. He mainly plays main tank heroes and won the MVP Award during the Overwatch Korea Cup Monthly Finals of October 2019.

Florida Mayhem 2022 Power Rankings

Florida Mayhem is trying to build a brand new roster to perform better than last year, when the team placed 16th out of the 20 teams competing in the Overwatch League. While Florida Mayhem features some players with high potential like SirMajed and Hydron, the roster seems weaker than its competitors in the Overwatch League.

Overall, Florida Mayhem seems like an average team with many rookies. It will be complicated for the team to rank higher than it did last year.

OWL 2022 Power Rankings – #19 Florida Mayhem
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