Florida Mayhem Release Entire Overwatch League Roster Except Yaki

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Florida Mayhem Release Entire Overwatch League Roster Except Yaki

Roster Mayhem strikes Florida.

Confusion from beginning to end. A roster that looked built for anything crumbled under the pressure and now has been disbanded. The Mayhem started the season with great confidence, taking a third-place finish in the May Melee tournament. But continued on to only win two more games for the entire rest of the season. Each stage, fans were hoping to see a rejuvenated team, but obviously, we never saw that.

Now, the organization has opted to release the entire roster with the exception of Yunki “Yaki” Kim. Similar to the Toronto Defiant and their sole survivor of the roster purge Heesu “Heesu” Jeong, Florida will use who they think is their best player to rebuild the team. Yaki is a fan favorite, but players like Minseok “OGE” Son and Sungjun “SLIME” Kim will be missed in the meantime. Unutilized player Seung-hun “Checkmate” Baek, on the other hand, may go under the radar and have a tough time searching for a new team for the 2022 season.

Yet again we will see the Mayhem rebuilding from the ground up, unable to identify what kind of team they will be until the league is underway once again. The Mayhem is arguably one of the most dynamic teams in the Overwatch League. They've changed their roster, colors, and logo several times throughout the last four years. They’re almost unrecognizable from what they used to be, but not all for bad reasons. They are a fun and social team with lots of entertainment to give. But this off-season they need to be hyper-focused on competitive rebuilding and strategy.

Florida Mayhem Release Entire Overwatch League Roster Except Yaki
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