Toronto Defiant Releases Almost Entire Overwatch League Roster

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Toronto Defiant Releases Almost Entire Overwatch League Roster

Toronto empties its nest for the third time in three years.

They’ve done it again, and at this point, it looks like rebuilding in the off-season is just a strategy for the Toronto Defiant. Every player on the team besides Hee-su “Heesu” Jeong (at the time of this article being posted) has been released. Whether or not Heesu will be the base Toronto uses to build their new team or not, similar to Andreas “Logix” Berghmans last year, is so far unknown. Heesu did seem surprised at it all though. Either at the fact that all his teammates were released, or perhaps at the fact that he was the only one who wasn’t.

To see this team be almost completely purged is curious, given the impressive performances from this team at times during the season. Qualifying for Play-Ins is no small feat, so the Defiant must have some other reason for releasing the team. Not only were almost all of the players released, but Assistant Coach Dong-young “HoChiLee” Lee has been released as well.

As we saw yesterday, the Philadelphia Fusion could now be in the market for a Korean Assistant Coach in the near future for the Korean half of their team, but there is no way to know where HoChiLee will end up at this stage.

Expecting the Unexpected

This is a Defiant staple at this point, starting each season with a clean slate. There are certain releases though that surprise us with how contradictory they are to what we saw previously in the season. For example, Luka “Aspire” Rolovic, who we had the pleasure of talking to less than two months ago, made a very visible impact on the team to both the fans and his own teammates. He was signed to a 30-day contract, and another 30-day extension before being signed as a member of the team due to his standout performances. Despite this, he’s still not to be seen on the team next year, being cut just like the rest.

The best we can do is all be very hopeful that the future of the Defiant is already in the works, and will be better than what we’ve seen, even after this impressive and entertaining past year.

Toronto Defiant Releases Almost Entire Overwatch League Roster
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