OWL 2022 Power Rankings – #18 London Spitfire

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OWL 2022 Power Rankings – #18 London Spitfire

Coming at 18th place in our Overwatch League 2022 Power Rankings is London Spitfire. The team is building a European roster with a mix of experienced players and rookies promoted from its academy team, British Hurricane.

London Spitfire 2022 Roster

London Spitfire is heading into the Overwatch League 2022 Season with a fully-European team. Most players already know the organization, since they either played with London Spitfire or its academy team in Contenders, British Hurricane.


  • Gael “Poko” Gouzerch
  • Hadi Daniel “Hadi” Bleinagel

Gael “Poko” Gouzerch is an iconic player from the Overwatch League who even gave his name to a D.Va strategy, the Poko Bombs. His D.Va plays inspired players to throw D.Va’s ultimate along walls or in unexpected positions to surprise the opponents and secure several kills in a single blow. Poko played with Philadelphia Fusion for four years, from the Inaugural Season to the Overwatch League 2021 Playoffs. He is now joining London Spitfire for the 2022 Season.

The second tank signed by London Spitfire for this new season is Hadi Daniel “Hadi” Bleinagel. This main tank player has been playing for London Spitfire and its academy team British Hurricane for three years, securing the team’s first place in the European Overwatch Contenders and The Gauntlet.

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  • Owen “provide” Warner
  • Oliver “Admiral” Vahar

Owen “provide” Warner has an irregular story in the professional Overwatch scene. This flex support player competed in Contenders with Shu's Money Crew EU and Samsung Morning Stars, before joining Los Angeles Valiant in 2019. He didn’t play a single game with the team and went back to play in the Open Division with Karasuno. One month later, provide announced his retirement from competitive Overwatch. That retirement lasted two weeks, and provide went back to play in Contenders with DarkMode NA. He now has a second shot in the Overwatch League with London Spitfire.

Oliver “Admiral” Vahar is the second support player on the team. He played in the European Contenders with Obey Alliance, before joining London Spitfire’s academy team British Hurricane. The organization is now promoting him to the main Overwatch League roster.


  • Johannes “Shax” Nielsen
  • Jamie “Backbone” O'Neill
  • William “SparkR” Andersson

Johannes “Shax” Nielsen is the most experienced player on the 2022 London Spitfire roster. He played with Los Angeles Valiant for over a year, making a name for himself by playing Tracer. He joined London Spitfire a year ago but played with British Hurricane for half of the year.

Another returning Spitfire player that stays with the team this season is William “SparkR” Andersson. The hitscan player was promoted from British Hurricane last year but didn’t get much playtime.

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Jamie “Backbone” O'Neill will play in the Overwatch League for the first time this season. He previously played in the European Contenders with Sheer Cold and Ex Oblivione. He is known for his Hanzo skills, able to pick opponents from afar and take an entry pick for his team to take the upper hand.

London Spitfire 2022 Power Rankings

The support line of London Spitfire has no Overwatch League experience – except provide, who only warmed Los Angeles Valiant’s bench two years ago. The DPS players have the most experience with the team, but didn’t get a chance to shine in the past season. The tanking part of the roster is more balanced, with both a main and off-tank player. But since Overwatch 2 doesn’t rely on a tanking duo mechanic anymore, they won’t be able to provide as much space for their team.

The Overwatch League 2021 Season was complicated for London Spitfire. The team secured a single win, ending the Regular Season in 18th place. If the team is signing a new crew with European talents, competition is fierce in the League and that may not be enough to sign a better performance than last year.

OWL 2022 Power Rankings – #18 London Spitfire
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