OWL 2021 Power Rankings – #9 Guangzhou Charge

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OWL 2021 Power Rankings – #9 Guangzhou Charge

The Guangzhou Charge places 9th in our Overwatch League 2021 Power Rankings.

We are finally heading to our Top 10 of the best teams in the Overwatch League 2021 Season! Coming 9th is the new Guangzhou Charge roster.

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Guangzhou Charge 2021 Roster Preview


  • Seung-pyo “Rio” Oh
  • Ki-cheol “Cr0ng” Nam
  • Ji-hun “Jihun” Kim

The tanking line of the Guangzhou Charge is similar to last year, with one addition. Seung-pyo “Rio” Oh and Ki-cheol “Cr0ng” Nam, respectively main and off-tank players, stay with the team for one more year.  They led the team during the Overwatch League 2020 Season, winning the Summer Showdown and reaching the Asia Playoffs.

The Guangzhou Charge roster walks out onto a stage together.

The new member of the Guangzhou Charge tank roster is Ji-hun “Jihun” Kim. He joined the London Spitfire as soon as he turned 18, to compete in the Overwatch League 2020 Season. That was not the best run for the former League Champions, who ended the Regular Season at 17th place. Jihun is now back in the League, with the hopes of a better ranking this season with Guangzhou Charge.


  • Young-seo “KariV” Park
  • Chan-hee “Mandu” Kim

The Guangzhou Charge signed one of the most experienced support players in the League for the 2021 Season: Young-seo “KariV” Park. KariV has been playing in the Overwatch League ever since the Inaugural Season. He placed 2nd in this Inaugural Season with Los Angeles Valiant and took part in the Overwatch League All-Stars show matches. In 2019, Los Angeles Valiant had a more difficult season, placing 13th out of 20. KariV changed teams and joined Toronto Defiant. Unfortunately for the player, his adventure with Toronto Defiant ended with 15th place in the Overwatch League 2020 Regular Season.

Pro Overwatch player Young-seo "KariV" Park holds his hands together while walking through the OWL arena.

Joining KariV in Guangzhou Charge is Chan-hee “Mandu” Kim. He played last season with New York Excelsior, reaching the podiums of the Summer Showdown, Countdown Cup, and even Overwatch League 2020 Asia Playoffs. Unfortunately for Mandu, he mostly watched this NYXL success from the bench. He turned 18 mid-season, too late to find his place in the starting six.


  • Ou “Eileen” Yiliang
  • Zou “MYKaylee” Zijie
  • Se-hwan “ChoiSehwan” Choi

Ou “Eileen” Yiliang is a well-known player for Guangzhou Charge fans. He has been playing with the team for over two years and is the only DPS player staying with the team this season.

Joining Eileen in the Guangzhou Charge 2021 DPS roster are two Overwatch Contenders players. Zou “MYKaylee” Zijie comes as the team’s new hitscan specialist. He was part of Bilibili Gaming, Hangzhou Spark’s academy team, with which he placed 3rd in the Overwatch Contenders 2020 Season 2 China.

Se-hwan “ChoiSehwan” Choi completes the Guangzhou Charge 2021 roster. He mainly plays projectile DPS heroes and showed his skills with various teams in Overwatch Contenders. He placed 2nd in the Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 2 Korea with Team KongDoo Panthera and 3rd in the same competition two years later with Element Mystic.

Guangzhou Charge 2021 Power Rankings

Last year, the Guangzhou Charge ended the Regular Season in 5th place. Other teams have considerably improved their roster during the off-season and competition will be harder than ever before.

While the 2021 roster of the Guangzhou Charge is far from being bad, it may not be enough to outperform other teams. The team lost its in-game leader, Jung-yeon “Chara” Kim, who retired earlier this year. Until the team can find a new balance, the Guangzhou Charge takes 9th place in our Overwatch League 2021 power rankings.

OWL 2021 Power Rankings – #9 Guangzhou Charge
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