Overwatch: Role Queue Beta’s MMR Will Influence Season 18

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Overwatch: Role Queue Beta’s MMR Will Influence Season 18

One week away from Season 18, Blizzard announces that the skill rating of players in its Role Queue Beta mode will help determine ranks in Season 18.

Role Queue is the newest update to Overwatch and radically changes the way players organize their games. The first version of this system, called Role Queue Beta, has been live for two weeks. This matchmaking mode replaces the old competitive system and provides players with a rank for each role. Sigma, the latest Overwatch hero, also made his grand debut along with the role queue and was available in the Role Queue Beta from launch. Originally, developers said the ranking of the beta season would not influence Season 18, which starts on September 1st.

MMR Influence

Scott Mercer, an Overwatch Developer, wrote a blog post today to answer frequently asked questions about the new ranking system and give general feedback on the Role Queue feature. Despite Blizzard assuring players that stats from the beta would not count for the upcoming season, the community was still concerned about this topic. They asked Mercer about whether or not Season 18 would take the Role Queue Beta stats, and therefore, MMR, into consideration. According to Mercer, “The results of your matches in the Role Queue Beta are not being thrown out and will be used by the matchmaking systems to help determine your skill in season 18.”

The blog post goes on to explain that the Role Queue Beta season’s stats in the player profile will only be active for a limited time, and the stats will not role into career competitive totals that players can see when they choose “'ALL COMPETITIVE SEASONS' in [their] career stats.”

Players have five more days to increase their ranking on the Role Queue Beta before Season 18 goes live. This announcement created a mixed reaction among players. While some are glad their efforts on the beta will not be in vain, many wondered why Blizzard did not mention the influence of the Role Queue Beta on Season 18 MMR. The introduction of Sigma without prior notice in competitive games and miscommunication about Role Queue Beta created some confusion, but players shall now be able to continue their efforts and to be ready for the upcoming competitive season.

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Overwatch: Role Queue Beta’s MMR Will Influence Season 18
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