Overwatch Directors Take – BlizzCon 2023 Retrospective

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Overwatch Directors Take – BlizzCon 2023 Retrospective

Are you interested in checking the Overwatch Directors Take? Let’s learn more about what to expect following BlizzCon.

In case you have missed out on BlizzCon 2023, Blizzard announced a lot of new things about all of our favorite games, including Overwatch 2. After learning what’s next in Overwatch 2, it is time to look at the Overwatch Directors Take and see what the people behind the game have to say.

Overwatch Directors Take

The Overwatch 2 dev blog starts by acknowledging the fact that the devs spend too much time on the 2CP. According to Blizzard, the company has been experimenting with a scoring system for Clash, as well as an option where the match could end after a specific amount of time. In the case of the latter, the winner will be decided based on the controlled points. The idea is to have a “game mode that moves back and forth across the map and also enforces a clear time limit”.

The next important thing in the Overwatch Directors Take is related to Mauga. The hero appeared for a brief period of time, but according to the devs, the team was unhappy with his results. “We would like Mauga to feel strong at launch, so we’ll be implementing a set of changes to his tuning at the start of Season 8”. These changes should increase his survivability and make his damage more reliable against smaller targets. We also expect to see a damage reduction against larger targets, such as tanks. Here are some of the things mentioned in the Overwatch 2 dev blog:

  • Some of his HP (150 for now) may be replaced for armor.
  • His head’s hit volume will be down in size.
  • Overrun will provide more damage reduction and won’t be able to be interrupted by Hack (the damage reduction was 30% but Blizzard is testing with 50% now).
  • Cardiac Override will have move lifesteal.
  • There will be changes in his weapon’s spreads, firing rages, damage, ammo, falloff numbers, and more.
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Other Information Following the Overwatch Directors Take

Aside from talking about Mauga and the new Clash mode, Aaron Keller in the Overwatch 2 dev blog also shared more details about the competitive system. Blizzard is trying to find a way to limit the number of people who leave/sabotage games. The team is also working on a way to backfill matches so that players can’t join a game when there are just a few seconds left. There are also hints that the spawn time will be redacted at the start of Season 8, something that will definitely change the meta in Overwatch 2 as we know it.

Another interesting thing mentioned in the Overwatch 2 dev blog is that there will be new PVP, PVE, and mixed events.

Overall, it seems like Overwatch 2 has a lot of exciting days ahead of it, so make sure to follow ESTNN for more information about it.

Overwatch Directors Take – BlizzCon 2023 Retrospective
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