Overwatch 2: Everything We Know About Null Sector’s Leader, Ramattra

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Overwatch 2: Everything We Know About Null Sector’s Leader, Ramattra

Ramattra is the new Tank slated for release in Season 2, and it looks like we'll be getting something completely different from previous tanks.

The day before the Overwatch League finals, Blizzard announced that they would finally reveal the game's 36th hero on their official Twitter account. Anticipation buzzed in online spaces as fans felt the hype around the event. Roadmaps from previous announcements promised a new Tank for the team-based multiplayer game's 2nd competitive season. Would their months-long speculations about a certain heavy assault specialist from Talon finally get confirmed?

With hundreds of thousands of eyes on the Overwatch League's Livestream, players of the largely popular sequel were hungry for more content. But when the announcement trailer was shown, fan predictions were once again eluded with a completely new character.

The Lore

Ramattra is a rebel who seeks a new life for all Omnics through revolution. Done with the pacifism and mere advocacy, this hardy veteran chooses to fight for what is left of his generation, inciting a new conflict.

The veteran's tough story sheds light on an important facet of the Omnic struggle. In the origin trailer, we see that his people continue to be oppressed by their human counterparts. We learned that he was once a monk, much like Zenyatta, but differed in philosophies. Ramattra bore witness to the world's cruelty against his brethren and, despite learning the ways of peace, now leads “Null Sector” to take up arms and fight for survival.


A Dangerous Arsenal

It was also revealed that Ramattra would have a “Nemesis Form”, transforming the omnic into a frightening melee combatant on the battlefield. Overwatch's newest warmachine reflects Zenyatta's design in a subtle way. Whereas both find harmony in their goal to protect all omnics, Ramattra breaks off from Shambali ideology in his willingness to use any means necessary to achieve it.

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A list of Ramattra's abilities was recently revealed. One look at the list and you already know that Null Sector's leader is going to be an absolute Juggernaut that will give fans much to prepare for. The first list we got was translated from its original Korean, but a recent developer update has gleamed a final list of hero abilities. If his zoning/barrier-centric skills are any indication, we'd place our bets on the shield meta making a comeback.

A detailed list of Rammatra's abilities in Overwatch 2
The vengeful Omnic crusader's abilities rely on nanobots that obey his vindication

Imposing his will on the battlefield, Ramattra's kit seems to be a tight mix of crowd control and protective skills. New photos give a better look at the new “tempo tank” character's hefty health pool, with extra armor health when Hero 36 shields themselves from oncoming fire. Some of Ramattra's poses look like emotes or potential highlight intros that Overwatch 2 players can unlock come December 6.

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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Character Insights

Blizzard has announced a 3-part developer series focusing solely on Rammatra's design. Surrpsingly, this domineering Omnic general's first concept was created all the way back in 2017. Following ideas from past iterations, certain themes made it to the final version such as the “pharaoh” look and the sandy “nanite” aesthetic on their attacks. More insight on the character from Overwatch's Lead Concept Artist Qiu Fang revealed that Ramattra's Nemesis form was also heavily inspired by early Zenyatta stills.

Another Ramattra developer update video that focused on Ramattra's motivations shone the spotlight on the talented Ramon Tikaram, who will be voicing Overwatch's newest antagonist. On top of that, Lead Narrative Designer Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie also announced a future short story about Null Sector's conception, the sentient Omnics Ramattra allied with in the beginning and how his philosophy shaped a global revolution.

The next season will also see a new map release, a new battlepass, and 30+ new skins, plus a new mythic release. The new Shambali Monastery map was revealed in the recent Season 2 trailer, and while we don't know much about the new map just yet, we do know that it will likely have connections to Ramattra's complicated journey.

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Ramattra made his first appearance in the game at the very end of the story archives mission “Storm Rising” where he was seen having a conversation with Doomfist. The supervillain proposed a mutually-benefitting partnership between visionaries, wanting to aid the Omnic general's goals with Talon's resources. Knowing Akande Ogundimu's beliefs surrounding strength and worldwide conflict, it's no wonder that Talon's new de facto leader would support Ramattra's second omnic war.

Omnics are sentient robotic beings first created by “omnium factories” owned by the now inoperative “Omnica Corporation”. Fusion cores within these massive facilities were enough to cause nuclear fallouts, and were all later shut down due to corporate fraud. One day, these factories awakened of their own will and began to wage war on mankind in what became known as the Omnic Crisis. Overwatch was a key player in fending off the large-scale attacks before they were dismantled by the United Nations. But now they must band together to face a new omnic threat: Null Sector.

Many factors related to the Null Sector invasion are being introduced, and only time will tell how much impact the 36th hero will have in Overwatch 2's PvE mode once it swings around in 2023. As the year comes to a close, the threads connecting the various villains in Overwatch's overarching plot pull tighter. Fans of the franchise still hope to see some of their theories come to life, but many are interested to see how this conflict unfolds — and to determine its cost.

Season 2 arrives on December 6, 2022. Follow us for more updates on ESTNN.

Overwatch 2: Everything We Know About Null Sector’s Leader, Ramattra
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