Overwatch 2 Tanks – What’s The Future Going to Be Like

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Overwatch 2 Tanks – What’s The Future Going to Be Like

This article will go over the Overwatch 2 tanks and the things you need to know when picking them.

Those of you who’ve read our Overwatch 2 Tank ranking tips for Season 6 know that some tanks are a lot stronger than others right now. To be fair, only a couple of names fall into this category, such as Orisa and Rein. The other tanks could worn in certain scenarios, but it depends on the matchups and opponents you are facing.

Since Season 7 is close, there are a lot of rumors and other things about what is to come. In fact, Season 7 of Overwatch will be released tomorrow, and people expect to see changes for the Overwatch 2 tank role because they haven’t had the best experience lately.

Overwatch 2 Tanks – The Problems


Before talking about some of the Overwatch 2 tanks and their problems, an important thing to remember is that this role is special. There is no arguing that being a tank in Overwatch 2 is incredibly difficult because this is probably THE most important role in the game. You have to deal with tons of counters, and every mistake you make could mean a loss.

Speaking of Overwatch 2 tanks and losses, Season 6 hasn’t been the best one of them. While some heroes, such as Orisa, were pretty good, others did not have the same success. That’s one of the reasons why people think that Season 6 was one of the most “anti-tank” metas in a while now.

Tanks have a key role in a 5v5 matchup, so a lot of people from the OW2 community think that they should be stronger. Some heroes dominate PUB games, but it is hard even for them to do their job because they die too fast. 

Discord Orb is too powerful

Speaking of dying, there are several reasons why this is happening, one of which is because of Zenyatta. The latter is a really popular support right now, and he is probably every tank’s living nightmare because he has Discord Orb. This ability is incredibly annoying to play against because it allows Zen’s team to kill the enemy’s tank incredibly fast.

As you know, besides dispels, Overwatch 2 tanks have no other way of removing this ability other than moving from Zen’s LoS. This puts them at an even greater disadvantage because they need to move away from their position. Needless to say, an experienced Overwatch 2 Tank player will use this to his advantage and make a move to pressure opponents.

There have been reports on the Overwatch 2 Reddit suggesting that Discord orb needs a nerf, and if you think about it, this person is right. The fact that this orb existed in the 6v6 format was good because it was hard to deal with high-HP Overwatch 2 tanks, especially when there were 2 of them. However, the situation now is a lot different because teams are using one tank, and his HP is not as high as it once was. Hence, Discord orb is extremely effective at bringing down the opponent’s tank, especially when there are other anti-tank OW 2 heroes.

What needs to change 


A lot of people have high expectations of Season 7 because Blizzard has promised a lot of changes. You can learn more about them here, but keep in mind that there might be even more surprises on our way. One of them is some kind of change to the tank role and people’s ability to play.

We’ve already mentioned some things, such as Discord orb, but we think that most Overwatch 2 tanks need some kind of a buff. We do not mean that they need new abilities, but they just need to be a bit harder to kill. In fact, one of the reasons why Orisa is so successful in the current is because this is the hero who does not die that fast. The fact that it has more uptime allows it to do more damage and push into the enemies’ lines.

If Blizzard decides to buff the Overwatch 2 tanks, it needs to be really careful how they do it because this could lead to a lot of problems. Every hero is different, so the company should have a unique approach and decide what to do on a case-by-case basis. For example, Junker Queen should get slightly more HP to work with than heroes like Orisa because the latter do as much, if not more, damage and are way harder to kill. 


Being an Overwatch 2 tank player is challenging, to say the least. Your entire team relies on you to win, and every mistake you make could mean a loss. Nevertheless, some people find a way to carry their team, even in a meta where tanks aren’t good. We are yet to see what’s going to happen in Season 7, which arrives tomorrow. Make sure to follow us for more information.

Overwatch 2 Tanks – What’s The Future Going to Be Like
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